The Very Best Pull-Up Bars

To discover a pull-up pub worthy of your exercise and your own woodwork, we have spent 26 full hours exploring and testing, completing countless pull-ups to review every grip option on each pub. From begin to finish, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Guru, got excellent marks–yet didn’t leave any on our molding–and is our choice for best pull-up pub for most people.

Our pick

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro
Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro

Smart design, numerous grips

The Multi-Gym Pro has three traction places, fits a wide variety of doors, and is not likely to hurt the woodwork thanks to its uniquely rectangular doorframe pads.

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Guru, the organization’s newer variant of our previous pick, hits all the high notes of its predecessor. Like the others we tested, it has multiple grip choices–for compact, neutral, and broad handholds–the last of that are cleverly integrated to the crossbar that rests on the doorframe, a characteristic not found on any other unit we tested. Even brighter, the rectangular doorframe supports create greater contact with the woodwork or wall than the opponents’ cylindrical pubs and are less inclined to mar your own property. The wide-grip handle position also erases any elbow room issues that could arise during a broad pull-up since the arms are in front of, rather than within, the doorframe, and they are also low-profile; others using grips that this broad projected further out from the unit, expanding the footprint dramatically. Like the majority of the field, save one, the Multi-Gym Pro is weight-rated around 300 lbs, which should make heavier individuals feel much more secure, despite a slight sag upon first grip from the compression of the foam. Additionally, it has actually straightforward   instructions ( others didn’t), using a couple of assembly options to better fit several moldings and doorways up to 33 inches wide, and is one of three which provided any assembly variation to account for woodwork. 1 note: Those wide-grip grips are extra-wide–27 inches in narrowest, in comparison with roughly 20 for the remainder–that may be too much for narrower-shouldered men and women.

Together with the second-most compact footprint and fully padded projecting handles which can be gripped at basically any place, the Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus is only right for individuals under 250 pounds with narrow-to-average shoulders, and is my personal favorite, as a slender, average-height woman. The Stamina bar takes up significantly less space than others when saved; just one bar, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Sport, has a bigger footprint. In addition, it happens to be the cheapest of the units tested, with a street price lower than $30. The wide overhand grips are significantly narrower than the majority of the products examined, such as another three choices, but they’re appropriately positioned for those who have narrow-to-average shoulders (and on a par with all the Multi-Gym Sport, which is the unit most comparable in footprint size and cost).

With a weight rating of 250 lbs, it maxes out 50 pounds lower compared to the rest of the units tested. It also had a noticeable sag upon first hang, in spite of a 122-pound tester, so we wouldn’t push that.

The one we jokingly refer to as our “Texas” pick, the supreme Body Press Elevated Doorway Pull-Up Bar is large, but for several good reasons: The handlebars are the only ones among the models we analyzed to encircle up and ahead, providing a substantially greater vertical height from which to execute pull-ups. (From a 7-foot-high doorframe, a 5-foot-5-inch tester dangled from the grips, even though a 6-foot-3-inch tester didn’t have to fully flex his knees to pick his feet up off the floor.) The bars themselves are also thicker than the others examined, measuring 1â…œ inch in diameter into the average 1 inch, providing a thicker grip for larger hands, though not overly big for smaller ones. When constructed with the included crossbar extenders, it matches doors up to 36 inches wide (3 inches wider than many bars out there), yet without them it may install in doors as narrow as 24 inches with sufficient side thickness. Weight-rated around 300 pounds, it felt rock-solid to my 218-pound tester with very little first sag. All this size, but takes up a lot of space to store when not in use, having by far the biggest footprint of the test.

Many doorframe cantilever bars are designed only for relatively stationary pull-ups and chin-ups. If you’re searching for a device that supplies a lot more options, such as accessories like mounting punching bags, aerial yoga straps, along with also an indoor playground for kids, and the capability to do swinging, kipping pull-ups, we recommend the Ability Fitness Package from Gym1 (previously Gorilla Gym). It rests over the doorway like the other contenders but has the added safety of elastic vise clamps that attach to the faces of the doorframe to give the entire thing some severe stability. While all the other products within this discipline warn against any swaying movement during use, the people at Gym1 encourage individuals to swing about as much as they like. Additionally, it has the ASTM safety evaluation, which ensures that the product meets strict security requirements for children’s play goods and fitness equipment. Just be aware that without the pull-up extender set up, the bottom unit has a great deal fewer pull-up grip options than others. Additionally, with all the clamps, the whole thing is somewhat more involved to set up and take down.

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