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After walking and walking within 45 miles on nine treadmills, we all believe the best treadmill for most people is the ProForm 505 CST. It has incline and speed features that are comparable to treadmills twice the price, and it adjusts quickly between them, also. The port was the most easy to navigate. The belt is 55 inches long–enough space for all but the tallest runners–and there are 18 exercise programs, features that a treadmill which prices any less will deficiency.

Our pick

ProForm 505 CST
ProForm 505 CST

Easy to use and comfortable

Our favorite treadmill has a deck long enough for many runners and walkers, goes around 10 miles per hour inclines to 10 percent, features a simple screen, and includes 18 interval programs.

The ProForm 505 CST has all the features most men and women need while also being among the least expensive treadmills that we believed. The machine goes up to ten mph, inclines around 10 percent, and has a speedy motor that can fix those settings much faster than some of its pricier competitors. The ProForm includes 18 span programs, along with the buttons at the port are intuitively laid out. The console includes two large water bottle holders, and there are just two big media shelves that make it effortless to watch or read a pill while you workout. The belt is 55 inches long and the weight capacity is 325 pounds, specs that accommodate most runners and walkers. (If you are a particularly tall runner, over 6 ft, look to our update pick.) The guarantee is the best we have seen for treadmills in its price range. Like all treadmills we analyzed, the belt around the 505 CST folds up to save a little bit of floor space when it is not in use.

The Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 is identical to our best pick in several ways: the deck feels and looks exactly the same, and it has the same speed and specs specs. (It’s created by the same parent company, Icon Fitness.) A couple of tweaks maintain the Gold’s Gym version from being the best pick. The display is slightly bit more confusing, comprising three small screens that each rotate through two stats, and though the treadmill has interval programs available, there’s no graphical display to demonstrate how the speeds or inclines will be changing. If you would like to understand how far you’ve gone and take a look at the display at the incorrect time, you have to wait a couple of seconds. The display is constructed from bright LEDs, so in the event that you prefer to operate in dim lighting–say, while watching TV–that they might be a bonus. In the end, there is just one media shelf. It has the exact same guarantee as our top pick.

The NordicTrack c900 has a more belt (60 inches; perfect for runners over 6 feet) and has more features than our high pick, though it costs several hundred dollars more and includes a bit of a learning curve. The speed and incline go a littler greater than our top pick, and are as high as any treadmill we tested went, at 12 mph and 12% respectively. There are 32 interval workouts to select from, more than much of the competition. A touchscreen display–uncommon for a treadmill under $1,000–lets you see a good deal of information regarding your workout simultaneously, such as a chart of your speed and incline within the course of a workout. A tablet holder above the screen allows you to watch TV in eye-level (though if you’re running, the display will be a small bouncy), along with the belt can be folded up with very little effort as a result of a hydraulic assist. There are more attributes that need a9/month iFit subscription (the touchscreen informs you of the annoyingly often) and we don’t believe most folks will want to sign up. The NordicTrack c900 delivers the best guarantee out of all the treadmills we looked at: a life frame and engine warranty, a three dimensional parts warranty, and a one-piece labour warranty.

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