This Diligent Dog Has Been Delivering Groceries, Meals, and Mail to Senior Neighbor in Quarantine

This sweet golden retriever is showing that dogs aren’t just man’s best friend—they’re also man’s best neighbor, too.

71-year-old Renee Hellman is just one of many Colorado residents who have isolated themselves in their homes for fear of risking exposure to the novel coronavirus. Since Hellman is also particularly vulnerable to the virus because of her chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, she has been quarantined inside her home in Manitou Springs for more than three weeks.

Hellman’s neighbor of 10 years, Karen Eveleth, knew that she wanted to do something to help her senior neighbor in quarantine—but she didn’t know how to offer any assistance without potentially endangering Hellman.

In a stroke of genius, Eveleth then taught her pet dog Sundance how to deliver groceries to Hellman’s door.

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Not only has Sundance been delivering food and meals to Hellman, he has also been retrieving her mail from the postal box.

“I make meals for her also and Sundance brings back the empty bowls,” Eveleth told CNN. “He is a humble hero. When he hears something drops, he knows I’ve got to get that for mom because I have a bad back. He also gets the mail. I have the carrier leave the box open. Sunny has two siblings, but delivery and pick up is not in their DNA.”

With Sundance’s daily visits to cheer her up in isolation, Hellman is calling the golden retriever her “humble hero”.

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(WATCH the news coverage below) – Photo by KCAU

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