Top 10 Remote Control Helicopters

Remote Control Helicopters – fly your own!

A Remote Control helicopter  looks just like the real thing, and flies, well almost, like the real thing!  They follow the same laws of aerodynamics as real, full-size helis. By flying a remote control helicopter, you can experience the thrills of flying without worrying too much about crashing – or where to store it – or expensive flying lessons!

Choosing your RC Helicopter

Before you decide which helicoper to try, you should consider a few points:

Do I want to fly something inexpensive or am I willing to spend time and money repairing it if it crashes?

Do I want to fly helicopters indoors or outdoors?

Do I want to grow into my RC heli?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you are ready to make a decision on which heli to fly.

Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter

The Syma 107 has excellent directional control, with no spinning out-of-control. It will follow your instructions precisely.

Hero iRocket 4 Channel Fixed Pitch Helicopter

Hero iRocket 4 is a 4 channel fixed pitch helicopter, high powered and easy to fly, making it a good choice for novice pilots.

Syma Coast Guard Rescue RC Helicopter

Easy to fly, even for youngsters, and can be flown in the dark using the searchlight.


Q: What is the transmitter range?
A: The transmitter distance ranges from around 30 yards to two miles.

Q: What is the top speed?
A: Most will fly around forty mph, some as fast as ninety mph.

Q: What engines do they use?
A: 2-stroke, 4-stroke glow engines and 2-stroke gasoline engines

Syma F1 Large Armor 3

Can be flown indoors or outdoors; 6-8 minutes flying time.

Syma S102G 3-Channel RC Helicopter (Black Hawk UH-60)

Suitable for age 8 and upwards, this heli can fly in six directions.

Blade mCX RTF Heli

Micro-sized heli ideal for first-time pilots.

Heli-Max 1SQ V-CAM RTF Quadcopter

The built-in digital camera allows you to shoot your own reconnaissance videos.

Blade mCP X v2 RTF

 The Blade mCP X 2 is a heli for intermediate to advanced pilots.

NEEWER V911 2.4GHz BNF Helicopter

Walkera V100D01 RTF Helicopter


The Walkera V100D01 is the first Flybarless micro helicopter.

Looking After Your Helicopter

  • Always inspect the heli after each flight
  • Do not fly the heli if damaged
  • Allow to cool prior to recharging the battery in order to prolong battery life
  • Never repair rotors – always replace them

Helis on Cafepress

U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter  Art Mousepad by CafePress

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