Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets with Doors

Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets for Different Purpose

Wall-mounted storage cabinets with doors come with different designs to suit a different purpose. If you are looking to buy and place in the living for show-case your collectibles, then pick the one features a glass door such as present in the left-side picture.

Alternatively, you may choose wall mounted cabinets with wood door to hide your daily necessities in the bathroom. For garage use, you may consider the one with adjusted shelves.

On this page, you’ll find different models designed to fulfill different needs. So, stay on and scroll down to explore more about Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets with Doors.

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Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets for Living Room

Both walls mounted curio cabinets with glass doors are suitable to be placed in the living room. Both of them are crafted from solid wood. They not only display your collectibles but also add a beautiful touch to your living room decor.

The measurement of the white color cabinet is 20″H X 16″W x 4 1/4″D whereby another one is 24″H X 18″W X 4.9″D. Now, let’s have a look at their internal shelves.

The white color cabinet has 3 shelves that are removable. It features mirrored interior background, brass hinges, and door latches.

If you would like to lock your cabinet for security purposes, then consider the arch shape wall mounted cabinet which comes with a built-in lock. It also has a mirrored background to create a lovely display and 3 removable shelves.

wall mounted storage cabinetsWall Mounted Curio Cabinet Solid Wood. #adpricewall mounted storage cabinets for living roomWall Curio Cabinet with Glass Door. #adprice

The Bigger Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets with Glass Doors

wall mounted storage cabinets with glass doors price
Small Wall Mountable Curio Cabinet Shadow Box with Glass Door
In case 3 shelves are not enough or you would like to reserve more storage space for your collectibles, then consider this wall mounted cabinet with 5 removable tempered glass shelves. #CommissionsEarned

Similar to the above model, this one also features a mirrored background, brass hinges, and door latches. Its measurement is 18.5″H X 14.25″W X 3.5″D.

There are wall brackets on the back ready for you to hang it but you can let it stand on the tabletop if change your mind or the wall not yet ready for hanging things.

Did I mention the interior measurement? There is 2.5″ space between rows and the interior depth is 2″. There are three colors available: black, white, and cherry.

Most buyers commend that it is a beautiful addition and looks great in their living room. Some owners said that it is too narrow in depth. They wish to have a bigger width in order to store larger items.

Options of Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets Bathroom

Obviously, the main difference is that the white wall mounted storage cabinet comes with a towel rack. The towel bar can be used to hang standard sized shirt and pants too while the above shelves are enough for laundry supplies.

It is made of hardwood with a size of 24 1/3″ x 9″ x 30 1/3″ high. Most buyers commend that it is easy to assemble and looks nice in their bathroom. There is owner feedback about its color. It is off-white instead of white.

If you require much more storage space to hold your toiletries and bath items, then consider the Kohler unit. There are 2 adjustable glass shelves inside the cabinet. Although its size is relatively big it comes with mirrors so you save space of mirror placing.

This wall mounted storage cabinet is made of aluminum. Its measurement is 25″ wide * 26″ high * 5″ deep. The glass shelves can be adjusted in 2″ increments.

The majority of customers are happy with their purchased cabinet. Some commend it is a gorgeous item that works as expected.

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The Ideal Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets for Garage

wall mounted storage cabinets garage price
South Shore Karbon Collection Wall Storage Cabinet Pure Black/ Charcoal
This wall mounted storage cabinet is specially designed for the garage in order for you to keep the garage a tidy look. #CommissionsEarned

Open the door; you’ll see 2 adjustable shelves. The doors are equipped with nickel finish metal handles that boost its stylish appearance.

The measurement is 39-1/2-inch wide * 11-3/4-inch deep * 31-inch high. It is made in Canada from certified environmentally preferred laminated particle panels with highly resistant support hardware.

It is not difficult to assembly this unit if two adults working together. There are people who commend that it is a strong cabinet at a reasonable price.

Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets with Doors

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