Story of wallet

We all use wallet.Man women even a kid nowadays use wallet.But do you know since when we people have been using wallet?Nobody can tell you that. Wallet is very much related to the monetary system. Modern wallets came in the market after abolition of barter system and with introduction of coins.Those historic wallets were not as like the modern day wallets at all.They were very different.They are just like a small knapsack.People used to bind it with their waist band or something like that.If you see the movie “Gladiator” you might have seen that thing.
Modern day wallets were introduced only after the modern day money system i.e. a piece of paper instead of gold or silver or even bronze.And as these money are made of paper, mankind had to make something more suitable to protect it from environmental effects.And as the notes don’t take much space mankind built more concise wallet to fit in their pockets.With the advent of banking and introduction of cards the wallets are modified to accommodate them.Nowadays it is essential to have atleast seven or eight card slots in a particular wallet.
If you have wallet but not the money,someone will definitely come and say
“I have money,but you have the wallet,
Lets be partners and say-
we have wallet full of money”

All About Card Keeping

Nowadays people have many cards to keep in the wallet e.g. debit card, credit card,visa card,Identity Card,Driving License etc.So what you think ,how much card slot do you need in your wallet?Both men and women are using cards these days and as women generally use handbag for card keeping men don’t have that opportunity.Yes men can use a card but that will look odd.Even I have seen many women using purse for card keeping,You can also have card holder but Wallet is better for this purpose.Generally it is a good idea to own a wallet which have enough card slots to meet your card slot needs.

What are the types of wallet?

Wallets are used in many purpose and with many point of views.Someone is using it for only money keeping,someone for fashion specially ladies.Though the common purpose is same.A wallet can be two folded as it opens.As the size of bank notes are not big nowadays,it seems okay.But one century ago it was basically three folded to keep larger notes.Nowadays, three folded wallets are not fashionable, but if you prefer retro culture,its okay.Ladies bags too become tinier as small is the key to the modern generation.It is possible that within 10 or more years, we completely abandon our physical wallet and concentrate on online wallet.It will be like a bank account, which is your original wallet and it is always online,may be its a intermediary account which holds smaller money as compared to bank.It can be possible that paypal,payza etc. accounts will be leading wallet provider.


Men’s Wallet

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