Watch the Heartwarming Moment Residents of Senior Home Sing ‘Que Sera Sera’ to Relatives From the Window

This is the heartwarming moment that a group of English care home residents broke into song to entertain their visiting relatives who were listening from the other side of the facility’s glass windows.

The footage from the Elizabeth House in Benfleet, Essex shows a dozen seniors with dementia singing “Que Sera Sera” as they wave bouquets of daffodils to their family members—all while maintaining a safe social distance from opposite sides of the care home’s window.

“It’s just a lovely thing to see,” said 52-year-old staff member Gill Petters. “We usually have singers in, but that is all on hold now what with the coronavirus.

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“We had to think of different ways to engage and entertain the residents so we set up a choir last week. Families have been in touch and say they absolutely love it.

“We make sure to upload a video every day online too, as it’s the next best thing when you’re unable to visit your elderly relative,” added Petters. “It’s even touching for the staff, because with dementia, some of the residents struggle with the basics of conversation.

“They can’t remember anything about themselves. But when they sing a song, it all comes flying back.”

(WATCH the heartwarming video below)

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