Wedding Ring Metals – You Don’t Have To Be Traditional

Wedding Rings Metals of Various Designs Make For Unique Ring Sets.

In the course of recent years, there has been a considerable boost in the variety of wedding ring metals from which to have wedding rings crafted.

There are actually many innovative and fantastic wedding ring designs now to choose from because of these newer metals.

Gold and silver are still used and there will always be a place for them but they are far from the only metals with which to get your wedding rings designed from.

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Wedding Bands also Include Diamonds And Gemstones

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14k White Gold Princess-cut Diamond …
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The use of a variety of gemstones like diamonds combined with lesser known metals have brought about a huge amount of wedding rings that are stylish, fashionable and tremendously desired.
Jewelry crafters need to be given credit for the clearly amazing way they are able to pull ideas and inspiration from science and nature in an effort to manufacture these types of beautiful pieces. 

Palladium Wedding Rings

Palladium has been known for a long time but because of difficulties with casting, it has only been used in jewellery to any great extent lately. It is a pure and precious metal from the platinum family and as such has many of the same characteristics as platinum which is a highly desirable metal but rare and hence, expensive. Palladium is a naturally white metal with a shiny finish and its’ popularity is steadily increasing in engagement and wedding ring designs.

Titanium Wedding Ring Sets

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Xaris Titanium Wedding Band Set with…
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Titanium is a natural metal abundantly available formining, but while not a rare metal, the jewellery made from this material is certainly not common.

Titanium has been used in a variety of industries since the early 1950′ because of its properties, chiefly its resistance to corrosion and its strength to weight ratio.

It is a lustrous metal and doesn’t require any special coating to make it strong or save it from getting scratched as it is naturally so, unlike white gold.

Mens Wedding Rings On Amazon

Various wedding ring metals

There is a huge range of men’s wedding rings on Amazon manufactured from various metals that you will probably be spoiled for choice.
Strength and durability are important when shopping for wedding rings for men so bear this in mind.

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Tungsten Wedding Bands

Bling Jewelry Tungsten Celtic Dragon…
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Tungsten as a wedding ring metal
Tungsten or tungsten carbide as it is better referred to is the hardest metal used in wedding rings. Some even claim it to be an “indestructible” metal as its reputation for durability is second to none. It is virtually scratch proof and will retain its shineforever.
Tungsten wedding rings come in many designs, can be mixed with other alloys, can be lasered or engraved for amazing designs and can be inlaid with diamonds, wood or other materials.

Why Are These Wedding Ring Metals So Popular?

In step with today’s advanced world, couples are looking for wedding bands that indicate the age we are living in, high-tech, fast-paced and where style and trend setting are definitely in fashion.
The more contemporary metals go hand in hand with the lifestyles we lead these days.

These particular rings are also low maintenance because they continue looking good without regular care.

Why Choose These Metals For Your Wedding Rings?
Additional benefits of buying wedding rings made from these materials are that they are hypoallergenic if the ring is not mixed with other metals, eg, palladium and gold. Titanium and palladium are incredibly lightweight and they are also very affordable.

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