White Wooden Bunk Beds

Trendy White Wooden Bunk Beds

White wooden bunk beds not only look trendy but they are great space saver furniture for your or kids’ bedroom. This site is showing different type of models for you to choose from.

Most of models here are twin over twin size bed. If you plan to fully utilize limited space at bedroom, the one comes with drawer or staircase is the best choice.

There are models allow you to convert to 2 single beds. You may consider picking this kind of bunk bed for your kids now and then convert it to single bed when your children have their own bedroom.

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Best Selling White Bunk Bed

Product Measurement: 80 x 42 x 65 inches


I like white color wooden bunk bed as it is easy to match regardless what bedroom decor is. The most importantly, it is suit for both boys and girls with changing of bed sheets color. For instance, blue color like the one show in the image above just right for boys. Alternatively, it is ideal pick for girls once replace the bed sheets with their favor colors such as pink or red.

There are few reasons I decided to display this model on top of this page. Firstly, it is one of the best selling bunk bed and even ranks top #25 in Amazon best seller list under category of “Beds”. There are numerous customers rated it as 5 stars product. Thus, I think it is worth to spend one more minute to explore its highlight features.

Based on buyers feedback, this bunk bed is easy to assembly. The crafted solid wood makes it looks great and very sturdy. It features full length guardrails and integrated ladder for safety purpose. The best part is that it could be speparate into two individual beds when there is a need in near future. Each bunk could hold up to 250 pound.


Childrens White Wooden Bunk Beds Options

Convertible Wooden Bunk BedConvertible Wooden Bunk BedBUY FROM AMAZON.COM

Stork Craft Caribou Bunk BedStork Craft Caribou Bunk BedBUY FROM AMAZON.COM


This smart design is not the latest one as I personally used this kind of bunk bed when I was young. About 30 years ago, my parent bought one and placed at their bedroom. I sleep on top whereby my younger brother sleeps underneath. We then converted it to single bed when we have our personal bedroom.


White Wooden Bunk Beds With Trundle

Wooden Bunk Bed With Twin TrundleWooden Bunk Bed With Twin TrundleBUY FROM AMAZON.COM

Bunk Bed Twin over Full with TrundleBunk Bed Twin over Full with TrundleBUY FROM AMAZON.COM

Last few months ago, I suggested my brother to buy the white wooden bunk beds with trundle for his 2 kids. The trundle bed not only offers a comfort place for sleepover guest but also great for him to sleep with kids some of the time.

The 2 models presented here can be separated into 2 individual twin beds (the left side model) or 1 twin bed plus 1 full bed (the right side model). My brother picks the twin over full bunk bed.

Both kids like to sleep at top bed. And he encouraged the youngest one sleep bottom with the reason that bottom bed is bigger than top one. Sometime, all family members (4 persons) sleep together upon his son requested.


Wood Twin Over Full Bunk Beds

This model is another option of twin over full bunk beds with trundle. If more storage space needed, then you can change to under bed drawers as picture shown. Better still, you can have peace of mind that your little one would not falls down while climbing up to the top bed as it comes with stair stepper.

white Bunk Bed with Drawers Twin Over FullAtlantic Furniture Columbia Staircase Bunk Bed with Raised Panel Bed Drawers Twin Over Full Whiteprice


White Wooden Bunk Beds With Storage

Twin Bunk Bed with DrawersTwin Bunk Bed with DrawersBUY FROM AMAZON.COM

Wooden Bunk Beds With StorageWooden Bunk Beds With StorageBUY FROM AMAZON.COM

Let’s have a look the left side model. Most models did not come with mattress-ready but this particular one packed with mattress with slat roll foundations; better still, it can be separated into two individual twin beds when there is a need. The under bed drawers offer extra storage space for bed sheet, pillow cases, etc.

Mattress is not included for the right side model but it offers one-stop solution for sleeping and studying plus plenty of storage space so you could organize your stuffs neatly. As the picture shown, the lower bed is on caster which is another highlight feature that makes it outstanding when comparing to other models. Additionally, there is integrated lighting for the desk underneath.


White Wood Bunk Beds With Desk


A picture could express thousand words. Thus, I combined 2 images into 1 picture to show you the convertible of bottom bed. The underneath table and padded seat is great for your kid to do homework or play with friends. When you have sleepover guest, then convert the beneath area to a comfortable bed.

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