3 Unexpected Times To Use A Time Share

The Event ~ Vacation!

Vacations are a fun thing to plan, and an even more enjoyable thing to carry out.  It’s a time when you get to go and do things that are a break from your normal every day life.  Which is the exact reason and purpose that you are choosing to take one.  Because you’ve worked hard and need that break.

With that thought in mind, consider that the following is something that can allow for you to not only take that break, but do it when everyone else isn’t so that you can enjoy it all the more.  Yes, there are some of you out their that thieve on the hustle and bustle of crowds, but most of you complain about them, because you want to rest and NOT fight with those people.  

So if the relaxation is extending to no crowds, consider the following times for vacation and it all begins now… with timeshares!  

Is a vacation really a vacation...
if you have to fight with the crowds? NO!!!


Many love to go on vacation and that’s a good thing, but many more hate to.  Yes, often it’s about the crowds, but often it’s because of the heat or prices being to high.  So the question is how do you solve these problems and still take a vacation.  The answer is to go at unexpected times.

Consider if you want to take a break in the spring, that you don’t do it on spring break, but rather just before or just after.  Before you throw things my way, consider that kids will miss a week being sick anyway and if you’re an older couple or single, this would work wonderful for you.  Remember too, that off season can mean deep discounts and timeshares mean larger availability and flexibility. 

Late March...
Is a great time to take a vacation. It’s not hot yet, there aren’t tons of people and you can still get deep discounts.

When You

September and the beginning of January are also wonderful times to take that vacation.  All of the rush has died down, and you are going to be able to get into your timeshare.  Consider that there’s less stress when you don’t have to fight about anything.  Isn’t that the point of taking a vacation anyway? 

Time shares by their nature are places that you share, so why would you want to fight over when you go.  That’s part of what makes September and early January so attractive.  Also consider that the location of where you’re getting the time share. Example.  If you love winter and snow, but live in Florida.  Get and take a timeshare vacation in a place that you love, but couldn’t possible live all year round, like Aspen, then you’re going to cherish your time their and look forward to it every year.

You can use this for all the places you love.  Another example is Las Vegas or the South.  Those places are hot and miserable for most people, so get a time share and use it in the cooler months, like January.  

Yes, it can be this simple if you chose to let it be.  Most people make things complicated because they don’t think them through.  I’m challenging you to do just that…think this through and you’ll reap the benefits.  

It's not that you can't go to the Caribbean for less,
it’s that you have to learn how you can do it!

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