Autumn Vacations

Summer is long and hot, and while people enjoy it, there’s this since of relief when it comes to an end.  Part of the relief comes because it’s football season.  If you’re being honest, you know that it is true.  Because football is the most followed and enjoyed of all sports.  But it’s also when the heat starts to subside and we start sleeping better at night.  The summer heat causes such a disruption in our normal body rhythms.  If you doubt this, go to a major store and listen to all of the tamtrums and whinning that goes through the roof when summers in full swing.

When autumn, comes there starts to be a calm that comes with it.  People start to relax and unwind.  They start to get into the flow of what comes just before the holidays start kicking in.  Relax and rest.  That’s why I’m convienced that now is the time to take a vacation and have an even deeper rest, than you would during a summer vacation. 

The beauty of autumn,
is unsurpassable.

Off Seasons

One of the most wonderful things to do is to take a vacation during off season and autumn is one such season.  The reasons for these are many including cheaper prices, fewer people and more availability to do what you want when you want it. With that in mind, you would love to set autumn aside to go to a handful of those places that have room availability.  

You’ll really appreciate the benefits in the area of timeshares.  Time shares are pretty much what you think they are.  You go in with other people to have the availability of using the facility throughout the year.  If you are willing to alter your thinking to embrace this idea, you’ll become comfortable with it and never want to go back.  If you doubt this, ask those of us who work weekends and have days off during the week.  We wouldn’t trade it for anything.  The same is true for taking vacations off season. 

Off seasons will serve you better
then the hussel and bussel of the normal season.

New York!

New York!

New York is one of those places that you hear the common complaints about.  It’s too hot! No, it’s too cold!  No there’s too many people there.  No it’s too humid.  That’s what makes doing vacations to New York in the Autumn a wonderful alternative.  You get the opportunity to see the sites, enjoy the plays and all of those choice restaurants without all of the other tourist there at the same time. 

Are you beginning to see what a difference doing vacations on the off seasons can benefit you?  It’s not that you ever have to do them then, it’s just that if you do, you will enjoy everything far more than you would have if you would have gone when everyone else goes!  You will reap the rewards and you will never go back to the tradtional time of vacation.

New York
is beautiful in the Autumn. Less heat and humidity, fewer people and larger availability to do the things that you want to do.

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