5 GAMES TO IMPROVE Your Thinking Life and Abilities Skills

Board games have already been connected with entertainment primarily. But are you aware these are a good idea in developing some essential skills?

Most people think playing board games is for fun. But there are several difficult and complex games that may assist you to learn things actually. If you want to increase your math skills or desire to turn into a stronger negotiator, games might help these skills are designed by you.

Let’s take you on the journey of 5 such brilliant games.


Well, you understand that one for developing thinking abilities and life skills already. Thus, it secures the initial position in the list. This game ‘s been around for over 500 years and established fact to be among the world’s hottest strategy games.

While playing chess promotes brain growth, it fuels dendrite growth also. Are you aware playing chess can boost your IQ level? In a scholarly study conducted in Venezuela, it was discovered that among 4,000 students who played chess for 4 months found to possess their IQ scores increased.

In short;

  • It teaches concentration and focus.

  • It teaches foresight and planning.

  • It improves logical thinking.


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Being a genuine estate game, this could be enjoyed by 2 to 8 players. The players buy and develop bits of property here. The main one who gets the most profit the ultimate end wins. So, the overall game is focused on capitalism.
Playing Monopoly explains the next life lessons:

  • How to believe such as a game player

  • How to determine your targets and make smarter decisions

  • How to purchase order to cultivate your capital

  • How to wisely spread your investments

Prime Climb

Need a mathematical game? Choose that one and you get yourself a treatment for learn mathematical literacy. In the overall game, you shall roll the dice and add, subtract, multiply and divide to get the right path to the biggest market of the board.

By playing Prime Climb you’ll acquire deeper mathematical understanding. It could assist in creating some passion for mathematics even.

Cashflow 101

Created by Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” fame, this game is play for individuals who desire to learn basic financial literacy must. Basically, the board has two tracks, the fast track, and the corporate jungle, namely. Now the aim of the game would be to increase your financial IQ. It teaches all the following:

  • How to budget and allocate your cash

  • How to judge financial opportunities

  • How to find out good or bad deals

  • How to create money by purchasing businesses, property, shares and mutual funds

  • How to keep a simple Income Statement; offering you an obvious picture of one’s cash-flow situation.

  • How to produce a balance sheet

  • Basic cash management.

  • The difference between liabilities and assets.


As the real name suggests the overall game is meant to improve your brain power. And the very best part is that game has been adapted for applications in a variety of fields including computing, mathematics, and psychology. Actually, this is a code-breaking game played by two players. Having a decoding code and board pegs, it has one player who’s the code-maker, developing a secret code. There’s another player then, the code-breaker, who must break the code in as few turns as you possibly can.

So, it teaches

  • Practice

  • Scientific reasoning skills

  • Experimental design

  • Hypothesis-testing

  • Interpretation of results

  • Effective usage of controls

So, these games are a lot more helpful than you have already been thinking. When you can spend quality time with friends and family, these will improve your thinking skills and life skills also. Which is your preferred? Tell us for those who have various other on the list too!

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