The type of workforce a company has is the primary determinant of its business prosperity and reputation amongst the customer and other clientele. As hiring and recruitment process remains insufferably time-consuming and a tedious task to accomplish, a peripheral contract based organization whose main business outsourcing form is RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing is asked to undertake such task. This is especially common with multi-national companies who are the front-runners in mass hiring. These companies often look up to countries like India for skilled manpower which has led to numerous competitive RPO providers in the homeland.

With budding RPO companies in the Indian subcontinent, it has become necessary for sprouting a long-term, enduring relationship between the client enterprises and respective RPO providers. An RPO provider should understand the demographics of Indian manpower that is available, screening the best out of them and constantly remain in trust with the client company. Following thumb of rules should be looked up to be at the client’s good side with enough trust building to promote an Indian RPO group. With good clients in hand, your RPO organization can take off brilliantly and will be on the top of all the Search engine ranks, when searched as RPO Company India

Immersing into the Client’s Needs and Ideology

To begin the process with, first comprehend what the company is about, is it a small or a medium enterprise with a mid-level or highly skilled workforce requirement, its products, services etc. Every nook and cranny of the industry you are dealing with should be known and thoroughly researched. Knowing what you are dealing with guarantees you an employment job which is well done. It also ensures inevitable business collaboration between your RPO source and the client.

This also offers an RPO provider, the ability to screen hordes of people before advancing them through further stages of the enlistment process. This also helps the prospective employee to learn and appreciate about their job in the company and its nature.

Devising a Strategy for Selection by Business Clients

For any startup or individual to jump into RPO trade, he/she ought to be well aware of one’s ability and obedience for such a job. The duty of hiring cannot be taken casually and involves a lot of internal groundwork planning. Once initiated following 5 steps should be followed for a successful RPO run-

  • Look up to previous recruitment drives and RPO service providers to understand the course completely. Take up both fruitful and failed case studies to analyse and relate to your recruitment development. For a specific target client or a business area, big homework is needed.

  • Keep your philosophy and motivations in accordance with that of the business firms. This would make certain that your client is in your hands with the right motives and potentials.

  • Have specific intents and clear explanations to prioritize your business as an RPO with the clients.

  • Being such a concerted process, an RPO should make sure that it is in tune with clienteles and same applies for the latter as well.

  • Be ready for any alteration that may take place in An RPO process depending upon client’s restraint and order.

A proper scheme and manoeuvres will maximize the efficiency and minimize the risk of clashes and discontent within an RPO functioning.


Quick and easy Screening for talents using RPO and ATS

It is totally on the client’s will, whether or not to integrate an RPO service fully with the HR or to manage certain aspects of the hiring process. While both the routes are deemed feasible it is imperative for an RPO to devise strategies to have a standalone influence and let the company units take care of the internal functioning and issues. One of them is by means of Application Tracking Software or (ATS), which can be concurrently used by HR.


An ATS is a software application which can be launched on the net and basically tracks, evaluates and compares the credentials of a hired lot based on their curriculum vitae. It also works for the purpose of evaluating the category and sum of jobs a company provides and also tracks the RPO team progression. An RPO company can always decide to launch a new ATS, or work in concert with client’s ATS or optimize the pre-established ATS, all of which will help directly traffic the recruitment drive in the client’s organization.


Gratification by Customized Tactical Solutions

When it comes to handling a diverse array of patrons with particular requirements in their employees’ lot, RPO firms always had to resort to intricate, strategic methods to fulfil their wishes. This involves further methods to tackle the situation-

  • Holistic Workforce supervision which involves the engagement of multiple models of recruitment drive with the client’s opinion. It includes staff training, optimizing ATS data, close monitoring of the hiring process.

  • Plug and play method were both on-site and off-site enlistment is carried out with the internet, fax etc. where resumes are permitted to be pooled amongst the contract recruiters and auxiliary centres.

  • Sophisticated Data assembly and mining and analytics using complex algorithms help RPO to devise career trajectories of an individual would-be employee.

Thus methods are selected to provide a divergent but satisfactory solution to entertain the hiring interests of business enterprises. It can be an individual approach or in a combination of two or more.


Baseline Assessments and Periodical Incentives

A pre-instigated baseline survey both in regards to competing for RPO organizations and your client’s firm should provide you with a start point. This start point is essential for providing the required momentum of growth and achievement. It validates your present and past records of the number of hires made successfully for your previous clients. Providing incentives irrespective of RPO relationships should prompt the responsible people to meet with the goals already set, ensuring success.


All these secret tips can be deemed as keys for any Indian RPO company to unlock success. Despite the technicalities and tiresomeness of successful hiring task, these guidelines make sure that when someone types RPO Company India in Google, your RPO is in the top results.

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