5 Smart Screwdriver Cheats that You Never Knew You Needed

Aside from driving or removing screws, staple screwdrivers are more useful that you think. With these smart screwdriver cheats, you won’t take your screwdrivers for granted.

Remove Stubborn Nuts & Bolts Easily

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When you encounter stuck nuts and bolts around the house, you turn to your trusty wrench to take them out. If your wrench is unable to grip the nut or bolt fully, you can simply use a screwdriver to help loosen it with ease. All you need to do is to put the tip of the screwdriver at the space between the wrench and the nut/bolt. With your tip is secure below, move your screwdriver’s handle down to the same level as your wrench. Of course, you will need to use a flat-head screwdriver as it is thin enough to wedge between the nut/bolt and surface area.

As the tip lodges securely in the space, you can try to loosen the bolt by moving your wrench and screwdriver together in anti-clockwise direction. If it does not move, it means that you need to place the tip of the screwdriver closer to both wrench and nut/bolt for a tighter grip. If you do not have an adjustable wrench or a suitable wrench, you can use this screwdriver-wrench combination to remove stubborn nuts/bolts easily.

Transfer Motor Oil or Other Lubricant from one bottle to another Without Any Spills

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Most of us do not have the steady hands to pour motor oil or other lubricant into another bottle without spilling it. For this reason alone, you can use a funnel to carry out the task effectively. If you do not have a funnel around, your screwdriver can save your day again. It makes your life easier and more convenient because you can pour down motor oil into another bottle effortlessly.

First, insert your screwdriver into the opening of the bottle you are supposed to transfer oil or other liquid to. Make sure the tip does not go in too deep. When you pour from another bottle, you can use the shank of the screwdriver as a guide to guide the liquid down into the bottle. Notice how smooth it is for the slick liquid to travel down without spilling around. You can apply this same screwdriver technique when adding motor oil into your vehicle engine.

Magnetize Your Screwdriver

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Despite the best efforts, you know the feeling when your screwdriver is not long enough and you keep dropping your screws down to the floor. You can magnetize your screwdriver so you never have to lose another screw. Magnetizing your screwdriver is an easy process because all you need is a strong magnet. The stronger the magnet, the easier it will be to magnetize the screwdriver. These magnets are usually neodymium magnet or other rare-earth magnet. When you have the magnet, simply slide it from the handle to tip of the screwdriver. If you have a large screwdriver, you can magnetize the half closest to the tip instead of the whole thing. Rotate and repeat as you go. Finally, you can test the screwdriver by putting it near the screws. A magnetized screwdriver should be able to attract the screw effortlessly. Aside from screws, you can pick up nails, staples, pins, and others easily.

Soldering with A Screwdriver

Soldering irons can be expensive. If you do not have a soldering iron and a solder, you can use a lighter, copper from the wires, and a screwdriver as substitutes. The tip of the screwdriver is ideal for making big solder joints for wire-to-wire and wire-to-surface work for large electrical and electronic projects. It is also better for getting tight spots with its long taper.

Insulate Your Screwdriver

It is a common knowledge that you should not use your screwdriver near live electric current. However, you can always insulate your screwdriver by covering the metal shank except the tip with insulating tape or plastic hose. With this useful tip, you can now do any electrical work without any hassle.

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