8 Useful Questions When Hiring Vehicle for Rent

Vehicle for Rent: Its purpose

Travelling will be a hassle-free if there’s a transportation
mode. Whether you don’t own a car in places you’re going into. There is still
available option to opt for, just like vehicle rental. But how can you know if
it’s really worth renting?

This article talks about the eight useful tips that clients should ask a vehicle company before booking a bus charter service.

Question No. 1: What is the safety record of the company?
Every country in this world has its own safety record and rating rules, the standard and highest rate is usually “satisfactory.” If you want to know what’s in your place, just check with the relevant department of your country.

Question No. 2: Does the company have a valid business permit?
Clients have the right to know or inquire about the necessary licenses for the driver and the equipment. You can ask about any local permits that might be demanded like in toll roads, airports and others.

Question No. 3: What are the types of equipment available?
If you are a frequent traveller or a travel agency, it is very important that you ask this question. You should know the information related to the vehicle’s condition, size, capacity and age. For motor coaches, the standard seating capacity ranges from 40 to 60 passengers and are subjected to driving time limitations. 

Verify if the assigned driver will be able to finish the trip within a normal workday, as a rule: not higher that 10-hour of driving and no driving after 15-hour of duty. Check this out for you to know if relief driver will be necessary to complete the set itinerary. For long trips, coaches, like bus rental service, that have restroom facilities onboard are the ideal ones.

Question No. 4: Do you have regular maintenance for your tools?
Clean and well-maintained equipment should always be practised when in the bus service industry. It is very important especially because you have to think of the wellness of around 50 bus passengers. Make sure that you have enough space for restrooms and trash bin, which should be working properly at all times.

Question No. 5: What are amenities available for use?
Each bus offers different amenities and services, so if you need something in particular, like a restroom or entertainment facilities, make sure to inquire ahead of time for them to known about your preferences.

Question No. 6: Is your professional references available for client inquiry?
You can directly approach the company that offers minibus rental and ask for references related to past or present clients who sought the services for the same type of events.

Question No. 7: How do you choose your drivers?
It is better if you know who you’ll trust your life with. Inquire with the company staff if it’s possible for them to provide you with the driver’s information, including the data related to his background, training, experience, and license validity among others.

Question No. 8: How much do you charge for each service?
Before you pay for the services, make sure that you are aware of their terms and conditions and that you fully understand them all, together with the service cost charge by hiring this company. No one would appreciate hidden charges that in not planned according to your budget.

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