Getting Older Does Not Mean Getting Old

So many people look old and feel old before their time. Lot’s of people feel that their lives are just about over when they reach the age of fifty, they feel as though they are on a downhill road and they start to say things like I’m getting old, I can’t do that anymore, I don’t have much time left. If only I knew what I know now I would have done things better, my mind does not work like it use to, my body is not what it use to be. With an outlook like these what kind of future can a person have. How can we stay young even though we are getting older?

Getting Older But Better

Getting Older But Better

Getting Older does not mean that you have to be old, you can still have lots of energy, good health and a great love life. So many feel like it’s they are headed toward the end of the road when they hit 50 and so many will tell you that the older you get the more freedom you have, there is less stress and worry because you now know who you are and what the most important things are in life. You don’t have to live with Arthritis, Diabetes, joint and back pain, the woman in the previous photo is 72 years young and she is in the better shape than she was when she was in her 60’s!

Most of my friends don’t know that I am 62, I don’t feel like a 62 year old is suppose to feel (“according to who”?) I find that setting goals for myself and challenging myself to reach those goals keeps my mind and body active and fresh. I had no clue as to how to build a website, and I felt overwhelmed just thinking about it, but I kept on trying and sometimes I felt like I would never get it, but I did it all by myself and I feel proud. So many as they get older are afraid to try the new technology and move forward, but if you want to stay young just try some of it, you will feel good about yourself.

I don’t have time to dwell in the past and focus on what was, or how things could have been different if I had made other choices, I treasure lot of my past, but I find that a lot of people as they get older, they talk about the past all of the time, they are not living in the now. They are sad and depressed because things are not the way they use to be, well I have made many mistakes in my life, especially financially, but if I dwelled on it I would be in the loony bin, so I choose to focus on what’s going on now and remember the positive things of the past with joy and appreciation and learn not to carry the mistakes I made in the past into the now.

Aches and pains, what can I say? We all have them and it does not feel good, but to constantly dwell on them or talk about them is not healthy, nor is it something that we want others to hear all of the time. We want our friends and family to feel good when they are in our presence not always burdening them with how bad we are feeling. Think about a young person that has your aches and pains what would be their attitude and conversation? Most young people with the most challenging health problems, do their best to keep a smile on their face and try to make you happy by sharing something humorous with you.

Eating a healthy diet and exercising are the most important ways to stay young while growing older. Raw veggies, salads, nuts, grains, if you are a meat eater, lean is better. Fish is an excellent heart food. Herbs are from nature and can cure just about any disease, you can get books on herbs at any bookstore. Turmeric, curry, garlic, onions, olive oil, coconut oil, if used in the diet on a regular basis will keep your skin, hair, nails, heart, kidneys and nervous system is good shape. Weight lifting keeps the bones strong, and keeps muscles from sagging. Getting the heart rate up for at least 40 min a day keeps the heart toned and your brain happy. If you can change to a Mediterranean style diet that would keep you trim and full of energy.

If you are a retiree, don’t retire from life. Create a hobby, help younger ones with issues they may be facing. Don’t stick to having just one age group as friends, widen out, you can be of benefit to them with your wisdom and they can benefit you with their hopes and dreams for the future. The unpleasant aspects of getting older will not get better if you can’t seem to find anything to smile about. Find joy in the small things of life, be like a child and let your face light up as you watch a kitten chase a ball or a the feel of puppy licking your face.

Having a sense of humor is essential to staying young. Laughter is the best facelift there is and it’s free! Be able to laugh at yourself, taking yourself too seriously will not bring you joy, it will put wrinkles on your face.

Don’t let younger ones baby you to the point where you are doing nothing for yourself, if you can live alone in your own home, do it, if you can cook for yourself, do it, if you can wash your car, drive your car, do it.

-The End-

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