You Are Special!!!

You Are Unique

There is no one on this planet with your special talents and abilities, your smile, laughter, sense of humor. Perhaps you are the type of person that others come to for advice because they feel as though they won’t be judged for what they say. Maybe children feel comfortable around you and love to be with you. Whatever your special quality is you should always remember that you are special just by the fact that there is no one like you on this entire planet. That is amazing when you really stop to think about it. There is no reason to compare yourself to someone else because you are not them and they are not you! You can do something that no one else on the planet can do, you just need to figure out what that is. Let me put it this way, is there anyone that sings like Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston.It may be close but not exact. There will never be another Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Elizabeth Taylor, or Marlon Brando. Each person has there own specialness. Why not see what yours is and develop it to it’s full potential. Don’t let anyone put you down for being different, we are all different and all alike in many ways. Don’t try to fit in with people that put you down or don’t acknowledge you. It’s better to be alone than to be miserable. The more you become who you really are life will open up to you in ways you never though possible! So be happy and enjoy being the special person that you are.

Comparing yourself with another person is to deny your own specialness, you were not created to be like anyone else, how many people do you know that are exactly alike?

Some of us were raised in an environment that did not make us feel very good about ourselves but that can be changed. You don’t have to believe the negatives, you know who you are at heart and you know the positive’s about yourself, so focus on those and develop your talents and abilities.

You are not less important than anyone on this planet, you have to believe that. The reason I am so passionate about this subject is that I hear so many people want to be like someone else, thinking that if they were like someone else then things would be better for them, this is so untrue, most of the time you are seeing what someone else wants you to see, not what’s really going on inside of them.

How often are we surprised at the news of a person committing suicide, and we thought they had it all together. So it may seem like others are doing better than you, are smarter than you, but remember information can be gotten anywhere, all you have to do is ask, so many times I have had someone tell me how smart I am, and all I did was look up the information on the internet or asked someone.

Love yourself, be glad that you are not like everyone else.

Being Born Makes You Special

Being Born Makes You Special

There was no one like you before you were born and there will never be anyone like you again. Meditate on that! So how can you use that gift to your advantage? Develop whatever special quality and use it to benefit others as well as yourself. The only difference between the Einstein’s, Mozart’s, Job’s and you is that they dared to be who they are.

Do you know you are different, yet you don’t want to seem like you are thinking too much about yourself? Do you hate to want to be like everybody else? Being who you really are does not mean acting like a jerk. It means that you use you recognize that you have something special that you can contribute to mankind.

It may not be something that warrants be rich and famous but may just be something that just adds that special thing to others lives. A right word spoken at the right time, the specialness of giving a gift that one never forgets or hosting dinner parties that warms people’s hearts from the memory. Whatever your specialness is, let it shine.

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