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The IPad 3 – A Complete Overview You Can Trust

When Apple releases new iPads, is a huge deal. The anticipation and delivery is always high, as it will probably be for the iPad 3. Now that this day has arrived, we can take a close look at the latest iPad and see if all of the hype was justified. Even though Apple has not officially called the new iPad “iPad 3”, regardless of the name, we will look at its positive and negative features.

The appearance of the new iPad is very similar to iPad 2, its predecessor. The size, weight and shape is almost identical. There are several differences that are quite noticeable when you turn on the device. The new display features a 2048 x 1536 resolution, which is double that of the iPad 2, with four times the pixels. What you get with this particular tablet is the ability to see things with such quality that will make your photos and videos the sharpest you have ever seen. Claiming to have the best resolution on any mobile device out there, this iPad from Apple certainly seems to have it. This upgrade is quite impressive, even over the graphics that were very good on the iPad 2. The new iPad’s resolution as visual imagery that you won’t believe. Rather than typing when you don’t want to, the dictation capabilities of the new iPad allows you to talk into it, like a tape recorder in the old days. When you start talking, you tap on a microphone icon, and then tap it again when you are through talking. Your speaking will be turned into text by the iPad automatically. This feature has many uses, whether you want to dictate simple notes to yourself or you’re writing a paper, letter or any kind of document. Dictation can be used to find destinations, or for even doing web searches. Being able to dictate with your new iPad, you might rather do it than type because it is so easy and fun.

One criticism people had about the original iPad was that it didn’t support Flash. Even though Apple has had upgrades, this is one change they have never made. There are many websites that have Flash features you won’t be able to access. Your options for seeing videos will be limited also. Flash is one feature that many people believe is losing its popularity. Pressure seems to be being applied to people by Apple to get them to use alternate ways, so iPad has more content that is compatible. To view many websites and videos, it is still true that flash capability is required. No matter which iPad you get, this is a limitation you are stuck with.

Very impressive, the iPad 3, even when compared to the previous model, is something to be desired. Apple is certainly still leading the way in regard to making the best tablet available. If you’re on a budget, you can find cheaper tablets made by other brands, but the new iPad can justify its cost by the quality of its display and the many upgraded features it contains.

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