Angry Birds Air Swimmers Review

Angry Birds Air Swimmers

Angry Birds Air Swimmers are a HUGE hit. These flying remote control toys are helium filled balloons that work very, very well.
If you have an Angry Bird fan in your house, they will love to have one of these fun toys.
This site will give you the pros and cons (what you need to keep an eye on) as well as where to find them at the best price.
The newer version of the Air Swimmers are much better than those that were on the market a couple of year ago.

If you just want to get one right away, click here

Angry Birds Air Swimmers ** Update **

Update: Feb 17, 2013 Our research has found that people who purchased the Angry Birds air swimmers have been getting great results with the flying toy and the reviews are all very positive. Click here to purchase while they are on sale.

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Angry Birds Air Swimmers Blue and Black

Air Swimmers are remote control balloons that can fly for over an hour at a time.

These balloons need to be filled with helium in order to fly. Not not all of use have a helium tank at home, so the best thing to do is to go to a party place and ask them to fill it up (at a cost of 50 cents to a dollar). Once filled, it should last you about 3 weeks or so. In addition to the helium, you will need 4 AA batteries. You can refill the balloon over and over again, so your remote control balloon can be used for a long time.

* Air Swimmers are designed for indoor use *

These toys are easy to assemble. You will have your bird up and flying in 10 minutes of putting it together.
The tail of the birl flaps back and forth in order to propel the bird forward. Controlling it isn’t difficult, but there is an auto swim feature on the toy makes it much easier for younger children to use.

Angry Birds Air Swimmers Turbo - Remote Control Flying Balloon Toy - Blue Angry BirdAngry Birds Air Swimmers TurboCHECK PRICE

Angry Birds Air Swimmers Turbo - Flying Remote Control Balloon Toy - Black Angry BirdAngry Birds Air Swimmers TurboCHECK PRICE


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