Baby Alive Wanna Walk Doll

Baby Alive Wanna Walk Doll

The Baby Alive series has a superb product in the “The Baby Wanna Walk Doll’ This Wanna Walk doll can ask your little girl to let her go, hold her hands or help her up. Your little girl will learn a little about what it’s like to be a mommy since this doll does things like a real baby. Your child will love trying to teach this doll to walk, taking those first big steps with her as she moves her feet. With up to forty different phrases, the interaction with this doll will be so much fun!
If your little girl is a natural ‘mommy’, she will love tickling the doll, holding her, and teaching her how to walk. The Baby Alive dolls have other accessories that your child will want to add to her collection. There are outfits to be purchased allowing your little girl to change the dolls clothes frequently. You have clothes, baby beds, and strollers so there is  never too many clothes or accessories to play with!


Great gift for Momma’s little ‘Momma’

This extraordinary little doll seems to know when your little ‘mommy’ is helping her and responds to her. Needing your little one’s help at first, she will ask her to hold her hands while she tries to walk. Then as the confidence comes, she will ask your child to let go and let her try on her own. When she falls down she’ll ask your little one to pick her up.

Very cute Baby Alive doll that comes as a blond, brunette and African American

Whichever WANNA WALK DOLL you pick, your little girl will be sure to love it. It does take four AA batteries which are included but as much as she’s going to play with this doll you might want to get extras. Recommended ages for the WANNA WALK DOLL is ages three and up. Even your school age children will love to play with it.

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