Celebrity Dolls

Dolls, dolls, dolls. They make great birthday and Christmas gifts. Also, they are enjoyed by the young and very old. There are all types of dolls. They come in all different colors, shapes, sizes, fabrics, and materials (such as plastic, clay, and porcelain).
Today the two most popular dolls are Barbie and Bratz dolls. I like both dolls. Barbie is cool and Bratz dolls are unique. Barbie has all european features. The Bratz doll has the most unique set of thick and luscious lips (not to mention, funky fashions for clothing).
Both dolls are the dolls of today. However, what about celebrity dolls? Have you noticed how expensive they are? One of the most beautiful dolls I’ve seen on the internet is the Janet Jackson collectors edition doll. It sold for over $5,000.00! They sure don’t sell enough Brandy dolls.
Remember the 1980’s? Back then the most beautiful dolls were the Brooke Shields doll and the Diana Ross doll. Oh, how I wished I had both dolls! Both were over $20.00 and $40.00 a piece at the time. The Diana Ross doll that my elementary school classmate had was dressed in gold. The doll was absolutely gorgeous! And the Brooke Shields doll was for sale at the Fox Hills Mall.
I just knew I would get both dolls for Christmas. Nope. But in 1984, Santa Claus (my mommy) gave me my Michael Jackson doll. I sang “Beat It” and “Billy Jean” all night long. I have a sister who is two years younger than me . She was so jealous of me getting my Michael Jackson doll that, she broke one of his legs and threw him at the top of the closet.
It took me six weeks to find that doll. Even though he had only one leg left, I tried to move him around to make it look like he did the moonwalk, anyway. All I was missing at the time was the red “Beat It” jacket to wear along with playing with my doll.
I did have the Billie Jean socks and penny loafers, though. Throughout the years, I began to increase my barbie doll collection. I didn’t have any more celebrity dolls, though. I had My First Barbie, Dee Dee the dancing doll from Barbie and the Rockers, the purple haired black doll from Gem the cartoon, a Cabbage Patch astronaut doll, an ice cream doll, and many other kinds of dolls.
I tried to save my dolls for my future daughter, who is now eleven. All of my dolls were kept in fairly new condition. Well, it wasn’t to be. My baby sister chopped off all my dolls’ hair and took some of their heads off.
Children. I swear. Maybe some day these dolls will make a comeback, without having a sales tag that’s off the roof in price. And what about the Janet Jackson doll? Well, maybe some day Target, Walmart, or some store will be able to market her beautiful doll to millions of fans across the world, who love Janet and her music.

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