Barbie Doll House Furniture

Dollhouse Furniture for Barbie Size Dolls

Most girls own a pretty doll and you may complete their imagination game by gift them Barbie doll house furniture and accessories.

There are countless options available at the market place. To ease your online-shopping, I listed down my favorite choices based on the daily activities of Barbie Doll. Kindly note that the Barbie doll is sold separately in most packages unless it is mentioned.

If you prefer to have a complete set of dollhouse and furniture accessories, you may consider the one displayed at the top corner. Click here to check the product details.

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Must Have Girls Toy: Vanity Furniture Set

What is the very first activity in a day? I guest every pretty lady likes to start a day with comb hair and make-up. Let’s grab vanity furniture set to help Barbie doll ready to go to attend a function or stay at home for other fun activities.

Barbie Glam Vanity Play Set - PinkBarbie Glam Vanity Play Set – Pink. #adBuy NowBarbie Glam Vanity Furniture SetBarbie Glam Vanity Furniture Set. #adBuy Now

Her Elegance Living Room Furniture

Let’s check today’s schedule. Well, it is confirmed that no outdoor activities today. Sometimes, the Barbie doll likes to stay at home to watch television or just sit on the sofa to wait for her guest.

gloria Barbie Size Dollhouse Furniture - Living Room SetGloria Barbie Size Dollhouse Furniture – Living Room Set. #adBuy NowBarbie Size Dollhouse furniture family room TV couch ottomanBarbie Size Dollhouse furniture family room TV couch ottoman. #adBuy Now

Barbie Doll House Furniture – Deluxe Kitchen and Doll Set

Barbie Doll House Furniture – Barbie Size Diving Room

Oops! Barbie is hungry. She wants to eat something. Girls, faster bring her to the dining room to enjoy a delicious meal. The Barbie doll is not alone.
Why? Her sweetheart is one the way to accompany her. So kindly prepare a kitchen table with 2 chairs. No! Today 3 best friends are coming to have lunch with her. Please get ready for a bigger kitchen table with 4 chairs.

Barbie Dinner To Dessert Dining Room SetBarbie Dinner To Dessert Dining Room Set. #adBuy NowBarbie Size Dollhouse Furniture- Gloria Dining RoomBarbie Size Dollhouse Furniture- Gloria Dining Room. #adBuy Now

Laundry Furniture Set

Everyone knows the Barbie doll is a sexy lady. To remain her slim body, she always performs some household duties after the meal. One of the activities she used to do is wash her laundry. To help her complete her task, grab a laundry furniture set that includes a washer with the dryer as well as a fold-out ironing board and other needed accessories.

Deluxe Washing Machine Laundry Room Barbie Size Furniture SetDeluxe Washing Machine Laundry Room Barbie Size Furniture Set. #adBuy NowBarbie-size Dollhouse Furniture- Laundry Room with Iron & Ironing Table by Huaheng ToysBarbie-size Dollhouse Furniture- Laundry Room with Iron & Ironing Table by Huaheng Toys. #adBuy NowPink Deluxe Laundry Room Barbie Size FurniturePink Deluxe Laundry Room Barbie Size Furniture. #adBuy Now

Bathroom Furniture Set

After washing her laundry, the Barbie doll wants to take a shower now. Wait a moment, she used to go toilet before bathing. This is her secret
Girls, guest what she likes to do while lying in the bathtub? Watch television or she used to remove her make-up? Kindly choose the appropriate bathroom furniture set for her.

Barbie Bath To Beauty Bathroom SetBarbie Bath To Beauty Bathroom Set. #adBuy NowBarbie Bath Tub And Barbie Doll PlaysetBarbie Bath Tub And Barbie Doll Playset. #adBuy Now

Bedroom Furniture and Barbie Doll Set

What a classic bedroom with elegant details for the Barbie doll! She likes her canopy bed very much. Sometimes, she likes to makeover her bedroom by moving her nightstand to the end of the bed.
If your Barbie doll likes to enjoy breakfast in bed, then pick the deluxe package which comes with tray and food items. The fantastic bedroom could be transformed into the breakfast table for her to enjoy the very first meal in a day right after she wakes up.

Barbie Bed To Breakfast Deluxe Bedroom and Doll SetBarbie Bed To Breakfast Deluxe Bedroom and Doll Set. #adBuy NowBarbie Dream BedroomBarbie Dream Bedroom. #adBuy Now

Complete Set of Barbie Dollhouse and Furniture

Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse Buy Now#CommissionsEarned
Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse

Now have an overview of the Barbie’s 3-story townhouse. In fact, it is all girls’ dream house including me although I am no longer young. I really desire to own such a house. Each floor equips with a contemporary furniture and accessories set.

The ground floor or so-called 1st floor is the place to welcome guests. On this floor, you’ll find a round table for guests to enjoy the meal. Behind the round table, there is a daybed for Barbie and guests to have a rest and chat. The compact kitchen is located next to the dining room. This cooking area is filled with the necessary electric appliance.

Girls, now pull the elevator to the 2nd floor. Barbie doll likes to stay here where she is alone at home. You’ll hear shower humming whenever Barbie step-in her bathroom. If she goes to the toilet and flush, you’ll hear the flushing sound too. Her main entertainment at home is watching a movie on the pop-up flat-screen television. Underneath the television, there is a crackling fireplace to keep her warm during winter.

Let’s proceed to the 3rd floor where Barbie’s privacy area is. On this floor, you’ll her gorgeous bedroom suite and whirlpool tub at the balcony. She used to lying down in the whirlpool tub and watch the charming lights in the late evening time. After fully relax, she sleeps on her luxurious canopy bed.

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