Backyard Putting Green

Building A Backyard Putting Green

When most people have time to work on their golf game what do they do? Typically they’ll head to the driving range and see just how far (and maybe straight) they can hit it.
To me that just doesn’t make sense when you consider that almost half your shots from any given round will be on the green. Therefore it stands to reason that the bulk of your practice time should be spent working on your putting.
And that’s why, for anyone serious about their game, a backyard putting green is a great idea. You don’t even have to leave the house to get in a little practice. Have a spare 15 minutes? Go out back and work on your stroke.
And depending on what you want, putting a green in the yard doesn’t have to be too difficult.
What’s more, a green at home promises fun family times. Birthday parties can be built around it and your guests would definitely want to try their hand with a ‘putter’ club. All parents would like to install a putting green if their backyard permits it, for it is a constructive way to draw their children to the enticing club-ball sport of golf without needing to put any pressure on them.
Just be sure to check with your significant other before getting started.
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How To Build a Backyard Putting Green

How To Build a Backyard Putting Green

A little dedicated effort from your side and a pair of gardening gloves can go a long way in establishing your very own backyard putting green. It is wise to remember that your backyard green may not exactly resemble the putting green of a golf course, but it definitely would serve its purpose and do your backyard proud. Here’s how:

* Explore you backyard and inspect the location thoroughly. Work out the dimensions for your green.

* An elevated location best suits the green as it allows for optimum drainage.

* Choose the spot that gets adequate sunlight to encourage proper turf grass growth. Spring season is the best to design and plant your green. A particular species of grass, called ‘Creeping bent grass’ is considered good for planting a putting green. You can easily find the supplies at gardens or seed stores. The seeds of the grass would come with planting instructions.

* Use implements like the tiller and rake to loosen the soil and clear it of any rocks or other debris.

* Line the border of the green with rocks. You can use wood too for lining the site. This would also serve to keep your putting green separate from the other areas of the backyard.

* Smoothen the soil over the ‘green’ area and plant the grass seed. A sandy and loamy soil makes for a good choice. However, any other soil too would let the grass sprout reasonably well.

* Once the grass has made its presence felt, it would require regular mowing ( about 4 to 6 times in a week ). The ideal height of grass for the green needs to be maintained at around one-fourth of an inch.

* Fertilizers and pesticides should be used to enhance grass growth ( For an area of about 1000 square feet, half a pound of nitrogen is required). A bit of research will help you understand it better.

* Regular irrigation is a must.

* Carve out a hole at one end of the green to fit in a golf ball. You can use a golf-hole cutter. Mark the hole with a flag and you are ready to schedule your putting sessions. Happy putting.
Admittedly, I made that sound a little easier than it really is. The video below will give you a better idea of all that it entails. When you decide you’re ready to get started, be sure to visit for a lot more details and options.

Advantages Of Synthetic Or Artificial Turf

As you can see in the above video, even the pros use an artificial surface sometimes. It makes a lot of sense to do so. It’s easier to maintain and doesn’t cost as much to keep up either. Think about it. There’s no mowing which is a big time saver. There’s no watering, which is a big money saver. And you probably don’t have to worry about the dog digging holes.
Why not check out the great putting green kits you can get.
Then, just for fun, watch the video below to see what’s possible if you have plenty of money to burn.

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