Beaware and very Cautious of College sales pitch and commericals’s

American Dreams went down to nothing

I was consider disable before I even taken a school loan out to go back to school. It didn’t even have have any thoughts to retur back to school at all. I was more coarse and talked into going back to school from the person from the college I attended. They were aware of this. One day I was doing my every day task and usually the phone is quiet, we don’t get to many phone calls to our home. Our daughter was attending College and she apprently gave my name that I might be interesed to go back to school. The first few days they kept calling and I answer and spoke to a person from the college my daughter was attending and the person kept asking and asking me but my answer still be the same. “No. They were persisted and kept calling. Finally, I gave in and said No. In our conversations I made them aware I was disable. Still that didn’t matter to them. I was diagnose with Head Trauma Amnesia and seizures and other health problems that makes me disable to work. Can’t make reasonable decisions. A year into school I was in a car accident and had injuries to my back and head and than just a few months before graduating my sister died of cancer which her death hit me hard and my grieving was over bearing. I had a nervous break down. I have talked to the collection agency I assume that is affiliated with the school to get the loan paid off and explained my situation that I am presently disable. I only live on a very low income that I barely can make ends meet now. I don’t even have enough to live on and make ends meet. When I say low income I mean way under the poverty level. While explaining to the other person on the other end-the collection agency explained that I could signed up for a griefeness that my loan would be paid off since I am consider disable.So they send me papers to take to the doctor and have him signed them and return them. I did what they said and haven’t received a call for year’s but now the calls are starting all over again. They ask me so many questions where they get me upset to the point I want to break down in tears and living with Asthma and seizures my husband grab the phone from my hands and hung up on them. My health is more important and I have explained the reasons time over time and have told them over and over several times that I am completely permanently disable and been disable in the beginning before I even started college. They were fully aware and the state my mind is in and how my mind function from the damaged to my brain I didn’t fully understand what I was signing or did I understand what I was being explained. I attended an on-line college and all the agreement was done on line an through phone calls.

I did expressed in the beginning that I was disable in the first place and living on a fix income and made them fully aware of everything. Again, some how, some way they pursued me to go back to school and had my mind twisted and convinced that my school loans would be affordable. They didn’t care about what I was saying and not the welfare of what is best for the student. I also was diagnose with Miltie-personalities when I get upset and can’t think straight..good percentage of the time everything has to be explained to me several times or more and in person one on one. Even than I don’t understand what I am reading. I am a good rapid reader and love reading but what I am reading no matter what it is I don’t comprehend what I am reading, they are just words to me. I have to read a book several times to actual understand and comprehend what the book I am reading is about. I don’t pay the bills or do my checks come to me-they go directly to the person who pays all my bills and pay for my other needs. Now I am being harassed with tons of phone calls and my family is being harassed and when I talk to them just today,and today again trying once again to explain to them the same thing I explained to them couple year’s ago and one time my care taker-spoke with them and she plainly told them straight out that I am disable and have been for a few year’s now. When I was on the phone with the man, he talked to me in a very harsh-ed voice and once again trying to course me into giving him private and personal information and making me confuse by not letting me getting two words in. He tried to course me into taking out yet another loan to pay off the school loan and when he raised his voice I became very agitated and confused than that is when my husband grabbed the phone from my hand and literally hung up on him. Husband advised me not to except no more calls from them.

Don’t believe everything your hear or see on television because it is a sales pitch to buy something to spend your money. Decision you make may be the decision you regret. I fell into their sales-pitch I regret ever picking up that phone and listen to their line of bull. I was very upset with my daughter for even giving my name and phone number at to the school and her telling them I be interested going back to school. I don’t make decisions on my own because I can’t. I have a social worker and care taker who makes all my decisions and I pray a alot. I have this heavy load carrying over my shoulder’s and it is causing stress in my life. Be careful and use extra caution in making important decisions. A degree is just a piece of paper, that is all it is. Maybe it will land you a good job but ask yourself for real, is it worth all the headaches and stress and time away from you’re family. You’re riches is in heaven. Land a good job but is there any guarantee’s you’ll keep that job? Anything could happen-usually does happen. Lay offs, accidents, company downsizing, I have learn a lot allowing someone pressuring me making a decision I reget and paying for today. Don’t let this happen to you.

There is no American dream anymore. It is gone through the wind. Going back to school caused me more grief and heartaches and stress on me than anything else. Oh the commericals make it sound so good and exciting and hopeful but the people in the commericals are script to say what they were payed to say. It is not like that in reality. If I could go back and change I wished I never answered that phone call. They deceive people in believing that it is easy and fulfill your dreams to get better jobs. It is not the diploma or the degree you have that makes you intelligent or makes you smarter. All you have is a piece of paper in a frame that may be hanging in your wall or put away or in a frame near your stand. Colleges who has commericals on Television is another way to deceive American people and corrupt American people minds by giving them a sale pitch. I am permanently disable and I am never going to be able to pay back my school loan that I was coarse and belief in going back to school to make a difference in my life. All this degree done for me was caused me to have regrets and trust in American dreams anymore. If you want to gain knowledge free: do research on your own and read everything that you’re interested in. It is not the diploma or degree that makes you a person or is you what you do to help yourself. Don’t listen to everything you hear on the commericals on television or anywhere else. As I mentioned over and over again, American dreams went down year’s ago, there is n’t no American dreams anymore. My mother has a fourth grade education an my father had a high school education and they did well for themselves without a degree. So don’t be fooled that a degree will make a differences. They don’t care, all they care about making a sale and making a buck.

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