Best Dog Clippers 2013-2014 – Oster And Andis Dog Clipper Reviews

The Best Dog Clippers Reviewed – Oster Or Andis Dog Clippers?

As an avid participant of dog shows it’s important to have the best dog grooming equipment available. The most important piece of equipment to have on hand is a high quality set of dog clippers.  When I first began showing dogs, I used equipment that many would consider inadequate.  Low quality shears will leave the dogs coat looking uneven and choppy.  This is a big “No No” on the dog show circuit.  I learned this the hard way.  If you are considering grooming your own dogs then I recommend using the best dog clippers you can find.  

Professional dog groomers charge a small fortune for their services and when you own a dog or dogs that need constant grooming then the cost really starts to add up.  A high quality set of shears will run you around the same as two or three groomings from a dog groomer.  

When I began doing my own grooming, I was terrible.  But, after a few attempts, I started to get the hang of it and, in no time at all, I was able to get professional quality cuts without having to pay someone else to do it.  

With many years of experience behind me and, through trial and error, I have narrowed down which shears work the best and will last for many years. In this article we will look at Andis and Oster and try to determine which brand makes the best dog clippers.

Andis Dog Clippers And Oster Dog Clippers

Which Brand Of Dog Hair Clippers Work Best?
This is one of the toughest comparisons to review.  Both the Andis and Oster dog clippers are top of the line in my book.  They both run about the same price wise and they both cut dog hair easily and evenly.  In my experience, the Oster tends to heat up a little quicker than the Andis but, this is easily remedied with applying a nice coat of blade coolant.  Every set of shears I have ever owned gets hot after heavy use.  This is due to the friction of the blades as they rub against each other.  

Andis and Oster both have very powerful motors.  I believe one of the reasons Oster tends to heat up quicker is due to a slightly more powerful motor.  Don’t get me wrong.  Both sets have more than enough power to cut through the thickest of hair but, I always find myself leaning more in the direction of Oster when it comes to power.  When it comes to really thick hair I always tend to use my Oster clippers over Andis.  

When it comes to longevity both the Andis and Oster seem equal.  As you might imagine I own several different sets and a couple of them I have had for more than 10 years.  With this kind of durability you can bet you will get your money’s worth out of them.  I am certain over the years I have saved thousands of dollars by doing all of the grooming myself.  Both brands are extremely well made and can withstand years of heavy use.

In my attempt to put an end to the debate as to which brand works the best I will say this.  Both Andis and Oster make some of the best clippers for pet grooming.  It really comes down to personal preference.  I use both brands and I am very happy with the results they produce.  If you were to ask me which set I use more often, then I would have to say Oster.  But, it isn’t necessarily because I find them to be the absolute best.  It’s just my personal preference at the time.



Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional ClipperAndis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional ClipperCHECK PRICE

Oster 78005-010 A5 Professional Single-Speed ClippersOster 78005-010 A5 Professional Single-Speed ClippersCHECK PRICE

Andis UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed Animal ClipperAndis UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed Animal ClipperCHECK PRICE

Andis Pet Clippers

Which Model Should I Choose?
This is the most common question I am asked when it comes to pet clippers.  The first mistake I made when I started grooming my own dogs was purchasing a cheap set of shears.  They are cheap for a reason.  They are made of low quality materials and are powered by the smallest motors they can get away with.  On top of that, they just aren’t durable enough to hold up to heavy use.  The first one I ever bought only lasted a couple of months.  

Power output is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing your first set.  If you plan on trimming very thick hair on a regular basis then I would suggest looking for a set with a power output around 4,000 strokes per minute.  With this amount of power you really don’t need anything more unless you are planning on shearing a sheep.  Which I don’t recommend doing with any of these models.  I’ve tried it.  It doesn’t work.  

You also want to find a model that allows you to change the blades.  Some cheaper models don’t allow this so after awhile you would have to buy a whole new set of shears.  Blades can be easily changed with Andis models.  With heavy usage you can expect blades to wear out or dull so replacing the blade will become a necessity.  

Below you will find my top picks for Andis pet clippers.  They have all of the characteristics I look for in a set of shears and with proper care and storage will last for many years.   



Andis Super AGR+ Cordless Rechargeable ClipperAndis Super AGR+ Cordless Rechargeable ClipperCHECK PRICE

Andis Super 2-Speed AG Clipper w/#10 BladeAndis Super 2-Speed AG Clipper w/#10 BladeCHECK PRICE

Andis 23175 LightSpeed Animal ClipperAndis 23175 LightSpeed Animal ClipperCHECK PRICE

Oster Dog Clippers

Professional Dog Clippers That Won’t Break The Bank
As you already know I tend to favor Oster whenever I am grooming my dogs.  They are very well made and can take a beating. I have what you might call butter fingers and tend to drop things while I am grooming my dogs.  I have a sneaking suspicion it could be due to the oil I apply to the blades before I begin trimming. 

Power is extremely important if you plan on cutting thick hair.  Oster has a very powerful motor that won’t bog down or tire out when it meets an exceptionally thick area of hair.  It’s important that you are able to keep a balanced, straight line while trimming to avoid any possible mishaps and a powerful motor really helps you to avoid those slips.  This extra power also aids in quickly finishing the job which helps to alleviate the dogs level of stress during grooming.

The oldest set of clippers I own is an Oster.  When it comes to durability you can relax knowing these shears will last for a very long time.  As I mentioned above, I drop my set all of the time and they are still working fine.  In the past, I had a problem with the plug.  But, this was due to my own fault.  I accidentally got the cord caught on an exposed piece of sharp metal and stripped some of the rubber coating off of the wires near the plug.  I simply cut that small section off and attached a new plug from the hardware store.    

Here are a few of the models that meet my criteria.  Any of the models you find below have more than enough power for the thickest of hair and will last a very long time.  They are all top of the line and some of the most popular models available today.      



Oster A6 Heavy Duty Pet ClipperOster A6 Heavy Duty Pet ClipperCHECK PRICE

Oster A5 2-Speed Clipper w/10 Blade Made In USAOster A5 2-Speed Clipper w/10 Blade Made In USACHECK PRICE

Oster Juice Lithium Ion Pet ClipperOster Juice Lithium Ion Pet ClipperCHECK PRICE

Learn More About Dog Clippers And Grooming

This is a great site for general information on dog grooming and the equipment needed.  
  Dog Clipper Sizing Chart
Need to know what size blade to get?  Andis will help you determine what size to get.
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