Big Green Egg Accessories

Choosing Accessories for the Big Green Egg

You may have seen a Big Green Egg in use, but did you know how versatile it is? That it is a smoker, an oven and a grill? That it can cook sausages, burgers, steak, pizza, bread, chicken, turkey…phew!
So what is the Big Green Egg eggsactly? It’s a ceramic cooker that delivers high temperatures to enable it to be used for grilling, baking or smoking.
Did you know you can get the Big Green Egg in several sizes too? That you can get covers, nests, trays and even lighters?
So what do you want to cook today?


Big Green Egg Eggstras

What’s available for the Egg

A Big Green Egg Plate Setter prevents direct heat but allows air flow around the cooking surface.  It is a versatile must-have for the Egg!

The Baking Stone cooks pizza to perfection!
The Dual Purpose V-Rack is used upright to hold roasts
and poultry or turned over as a vertical rib rack.
Two ceramic cones for chicken and turkey which allow liquid to diffuse and to keep the birds moist. Sittin’ Chicken and Turkey cones can hold
butter, garlic or any other liquid.

Big Green Egg Add-ons

Big Green Egg Safety Tips

  • Remember it’s hot!
  • Don’t cook on a slope – always ensure the Egg rests on a flat surface.
  • Keep the Egg away from trees. 
  • Always keep the lid shut – look, then close the lid again!
  • Don’t use cheap fuel – you’ll notice it when you eat it!
  • Don’t let children anywhere near the Egg
  • Keep your Egg clean after use

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