Burn Fat Fast with 10 Minute Elliptical Workout

Burn Fat Fast with 10 Minute Elliptical Workout

What is your purpose to invest in an elliptical trainer? I bet you aim to burn fat fast just like my initial intention, right?

However, I was quite frustrated when my body shape seems nothing different from day 1. I forced myself to wake up earlier in the morning and do a 15~20 minutes workout with the newly bought elliptical trainer.

I was expected to see a result after 1 month. I didn’t set a high expectation that has a body shape like a sexy model. I just aim to lose a few pounds. But, the figure reflects on my body weight scale remains unchanged.

I am started asking what’s wrong. Is it because of my daily meal? Or the time I allocate for the workout is not enough? Am I picked a lousy elliptical trainer? Without further delay, I am looking to answer online and found the following video.

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10 Minute Elliptical workout

I love the title: 10-minute workout. Great! I do not need to prolong my workout time. In fact, it is saving my fitness time by 5~10 minutes. Better still, it does not require me to change my daily meals. And most importantly, it really is effective to burn fat fast.

Let me share with you my result after 10 days follow this interval training. I lost 5 pounds! It is not a lot but I am satisfied. After all, I just spend 10 minutes a day.

Here are gentle messages for those who are not exercising for the past few months. You may need more time to rest after your very first elliptical workout. I seem like I lost control of my physical body. The day after next, I feel little paint on my leg.

10 Minute Elliptical Workout

Being said that, my body stamina is getting better after 3 days of this intensive elliptical workout. Besides burn fat fast, I found that the elliptical workout helps to increase my productivity as my mind is clear after 10-minute fitness.

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