Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Review

Are you considering buying the Horizon Fitness EX-59 so you could do fitness at home? Well, this is comprehensive elliptical trainer reviews of this particular model that could help you decide if it is appropriate for your workout needs.

First of all, look at the picture at the top corner and pay attention to the blue color image next to the fitness equipment. It expresses two messages: Horizon Fitness EX-59 won the recognition as Best Buy Runner Up award by “Treadmill Doctor”. Secondly, it is not the latest model as the award was given in the year 2012. Being said that, it still is one of the popular exercise machines and ranks top 10 in the Amazon bestseller list under the category of Elliptical Trainers.

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1. Specification and Warranty
2. Braking Systems
3. Foot Pedals
4. Workout Programs Types (the part you cannot miss)
5. Interface Display
6. What makes it outstanding among elliptical trainers
7. Pros & Cons
8. What did customers say about Horizon Fitness EX-59?

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer – Specification and Warranty

Some buyers found that this fitness equipment is space-efficient as it does not take up nearly the whole exercise room compare to other models they experienced. In fact 22 inches wide for an elliptical trainer is consider tiny, don’t you think so?

  • Measurement Assembled: 73 x 22 x 65 inches (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 154 pounds with 14.3 pounds flywheel
  • User Weight Capacity: 275 pounds
  • Stride Length: 18-inch

I believe this is one of the fitness machines that the manufacturer proud of until they dare to give a lifetime frame warranty. Additionally, they also offer a 20-year brake and 1 year all parts warranties and in-home repairs.

Braking Systems

This elliptical trainer features the common magnetic brake system that proven smooth motion and consistent. It means that users won’t feel like bouncing that much when they are running on it.

There is a total of 10 resistance levels for users to do intensity adjustment based on their workout needs. If you are a beginner like me, Level 1 is good enough as a start-up. Once you are getting used to the motion after a few rounds of fitness, you could slowly adjust to a higher resistance level for a sweaty workout.

Foot Pedals

One of the factors that make experts treat Horizon Fitness EX-59 as an ergonomic elliptical trainer is its ZERO pedal system. The zero distance pivoting footplates could match natural jogging or running motion more accurately. By having such an ergonomic design to reduce stress on hips and back, users would be more comfortable each and every time they are doing the workout.

Workout Programs Types

Regardless of how many highlights features that an elliptical trainer offer, workout programs is the main buying criteria to determine whether or not this is the right choice for you. If you aim to burn fat fast, you could consider one such as Horizon Fitness Ex-59.

It comes with a target program so-called “Calories” that allows users to set a specific goal based on the number of calories they aim to burn. This is a pretty cool feature for those who are looking for an effective weight loss approach, right?

Another 2 target workout programs are “Time” and “Distance”. Users are allowed to set how long they would like to do the workout training or the distance between 0.25 ~ 26.25 miles they wish to complete.

To further help users achieve their burn fat objective; this elliptical trainer features a pre-program “Weight Loss” workout which involves increasing and decreasing the resistance level in the entire training routine.

There is a similar training routine if you choose a pre-program called “Intervals” workout. It is great to improve your endurance and muscle strength. One more pre-program workout entitled “Rolling”. The training routine mimics the feeling of moving up and downhills.

You’ll hear “beep” and saw “Finished” on the monitor display each and every time your workout is complete. If you are getting bored with the target or pre-programs workout training, pick a custom workout that you are free to increase or decrease resistance level at any time.

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer – Interface Display

Horizon Fitness EX 59 Elliptical Trainer

Look at the image; you’ll notice that there are 3 orange display windows. The left-one shows time, the middle-one reflects the speed and the right-one is distance info. There are LED display windows which commonly found in any alarm clocks.

The buttons surround the LED display windows are workout program options that are easy to make changes with an on-the-fly adjustment features.

What Make it Outstanding Among Elliptical Trainers?

Designers always keep the human body posture in mind when they are developing any ergonomic products in order to deliver the most comfortable feel. There is no difference when coming to fitness equipment.

The Horizon Fitness EX-59 is a SIXStar Certification ergonomic elliptical trainer means that it was built based on 6 key elements include the ZERO as mentioned previously that deliver the most natural elliptical feel for its users. The remaining elements are:

StraightUP: is related to body posture; this feature ensures users’ body is kept upright so that they could enjoy maximum comfort feel while doing workout routine at the same time minimizing fatigue.

SUREstep: refers to 10″ low step-on pedal height that makes users easier access the elliptical trainer. It also helps to increase the confidence of first-time elliptical users.

IDEALfit: means its optimal handlebar spacing puts grips within ideal reach and distance for all size users.

FLATellipse: is referring to 18″ foot pedal that offers a more natural motion. Last but not least, SMOOTHpulley is a comfortable aspect that large drive pulley ratio increases the angular momentum of the elliptical so users get the most efficient motion at smoothest.

Pros & Cons

SIXStar Certification that makes this elliptical trainer as ergonomic accreditation definitely is the main plus point when mentioning the pros of Horizon Fitness EX-59. On top of that, it has a fitness fan and built-in speakers with MP3 compatibility that make your elliptical workout more enjoyable.

Did I mention its noise output? Thanks to its quality parts and awesome drive system, this fitness equipment is extremely quiet when in operation. Better still, it is easy to assembly an exercise machine and the job can be completed much faster if 2 persons work together.

Since this is slim fitness equipment that does not take up lots of space, it would get little wobbling when users really rocking the speed. Furthermore, its user capacity weight limits to 275 pounds and so it is not suitable for those whose weight is over the limit.

I personally found that 10 workout program options and resistance settings are enough for those who want to do fitness at home. Being said that, there are people looking for more adaptability that usually exists in a more advanced model that costs over $1000.

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Features Overview:

Horizon Fitness EX 59 review

Amazon Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

To check current pricing discounts of Horizon Fitness EX-59:

What did customers say about Horizon Fitness EX-59?

Due to its sleek design, I’ve been keeping my eyes on Horizon Fitness EX-59 review ever since I am sourcing the information about elliptical trainer. I am interested to know what customers comment about this ergonomic fitness equipment.

Among Amazon customer reviews, more than 100 buyers rate it as a 5-Star product. They commend that it is easy to assemble, very smooth, and quiet. The fitness fan and speaker with the MP3 player have added the bonus.

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