Christmas Gifts For Coworkers – Best Gifts 2013

Christmas Gifts Coworkers Will Be Delighted To Receive

Looking for christmas gifts for coworkers can be a little awkward!
You want to buy christmas gifts but perhaps you don;t want to buy anything too personal or you might just want to stick with small, inexpensive gifts for your work collegues – after all, it’s the thought that counts!
If you have any number of people to buy a gift for, the cost can quickly mount up taking some of the fun out of buying your coworkers christmas gifts in the first place! Hope you get some ideas here..

Cheap Christmas Gift For Work Collegues Who Enjoy Tea…

Something novel….

Ceramic cup for tea – practical and novel!

Kitchen Tea Time Ceramic Drink Mug W…
buy from tan

Novel idea

Great for home or work when you don’t want to hang around to dispose of your  teabag!

Or perfect to hold the bag for reuse…

Universal – for guys and gals!

Coworker Christmas Gifts Under $10

Cheap christmas gift ideas for coworkers

Gifts for coworkers should be kept to a minimum as in general, the relationship is not a personal one. If you are particularly close to your work collegues, then give them a more personal gift or something that costs a little more but do it outside of the office environment.

Here are some fantastic gifts for coworkers and all under $10 – AMAZING value!

Page-Up Document Holder Page-Up Document Holder CHECK PRICE

SODIAL- Handbag Pouch Bag Insert Organizer SODIAL- Handbag Pouch Bag Insert Organizer CHECK PRICE

Swiss+Tech Micro-Max 19-in-1 Key Chain Multi ToolSwiss+Tech Micro-Max 19-in-1 Key Chain Multi ToolCHECK PRICE

6 Panel Magic Photo Cube6 Panel Magic Photo CubeCHECK PRICE

Unique Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

USB flash drives make great gifts!

41Lh1sATRZL. SL250
HDE USB Flash Drive Disk 8 GB Shinin…
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USB flash drives are something you can get for both the guys and the gals at work – variety of designs available and really inexpensive christmas gifts for coworkers – they are sure to appreciate!

Something different…

Great designs!

Lots to choose from…

Christmas Gifts For Female Coworkers …..

Here’s a selection for the ladies! All around $10! 


Glam Rocks Rhinestone PenGlam Rocks Rhinestone PenCHECK PRICE

Scotch Shoe Tape Dispenser Scotch Shoe Tape Dispenser CHECK PRICE

The Naked Bee Hand & Cuticle Healing Salve The Naked Bee Hand & Cuticle Healing Salve CHECK PRICE

Eel Skin Lipstick Case Eel Skin Lipstick Case CHECK PRICE

Christmas Gift Ideas Coworkers Can Use

Something novel but useful…great small christmas gifts for work

41R3SQlkzYL. SL160
Transformer USB Flash Memory Drive 8…
buy from tan

41qpzJVzPEL. SL160
Dane-Elec TRON Black Light Cycle 4 G…
buy from tan

31QYAsiJQBL. SL160
Coca Cola Style USB Flash Drive – Da…
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Phone Holders – Fantastic Gift Idea For Work Collegues…

Something your coworkers can use either at work or at home – everyone can use one of these – they are just SO handy! Prices between $5 – $15…

Tech Tools Desktop Hand Cell Phone HolderTech Tools Desktop Hand Cell Phone Holder

Purple Lady Hand Mobile Cellphone Display  StandPurple Lady Hand Mobile Cellphone Display Stand

Relaxable Lounge Chair Phone Holder Relaxable Lounge Chair Phone Holder

Novelty Silly Stand Cell Phone HolderNovelty “Silly Stand” Cell Phone Holder

Christmas Gift Idea For Coworkers – Something Different…

USB Hubs are inexpensive AND useful!

31IfXa9FRLL. SL250
USB Hub 2.0 4-port For Mac and PC. T…
buy from tan

Great idea for anyone who might need the use of a usb hub – practical, novel and cheap! This 4 port octopus is only around $5!

There are many more designs but definitely a really cute idea to keep everything connected –
Lots of colors to choose from


Homemade Christmas Gifts For Coworkers Always Go Down A Treat!

Homemade Christmas Gifts For Coworkers Always Go Down A Treat!

Some people like to give homemade christmas gifts to their coworkers for several reasons – sometimes it can work out cheaper depending on how many people there are to buy gifts for and some people love to give something that they’ve made or put together themselves.

There are so many things you can do to give a homemade gift but probably one of the easiest and cheapest things to do is to bake some cookies or fill some jars with candy.

More Homemade Coworker Gift Ideas

Themed gift baskets are another great homemade gift idea for coworkers as you can really zoom in on individual tastes – some examples would be

A receipe basket – put the ingredients for a cake or pie together and print off a copy of the receipe…

Cheese gift basket – fill with a selection of cheeses…

Gardners basket – could include a couple of packets of seeds for flowers or vegetables, pair of gardening gloves and a trowel…

Golf basket – could have golf balls, some tees and a book of golf tips…

Golf Gift - Head Cover Leash For WoodsGolf Gift – Head Cover Leash For Woods

PrideSports Golf Ball Pick-UpPrideSports Golf Ball Pick-Up

Intech All Purpose Golf ToolIntech All Purpose Golf Tool

Penholders Are Another Great Christmas Gift Idea For Coworkers…

Equity by La Crosse 30221 Desktop st…
buy from tan

Help keep your collegues desk tidy…
Lots of variety in penholders from simple and fun holders to photo display holder and ones that display temperature as well as time – very handy!

Some also have an alarm and snooze button – NOT that you would want that feature at work!

Get some more gift ideas for your male coworkers here –
Mens Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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