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Your New Life

When you start your new life as a college student, your life changes swiftly and more then just about any other time in your life.  There’s so many changes in fact that most young adults live in dorm rooms to help the adjustment to being on your own.

If you’ve been in college for awhile or are working on an advanced degree, you’re probably not living in a dorm in more, but rather an apartment.  I could get into many of the reasons for this, but there of no importance for this discussion.  What is of importance is what you’re going to do to design and maintain your new apartment in such away that you’re able to study and get the degree that you’re longing for. 

Apartments have more flexibility than
dorm rooms do…the option is yours.

First Things First

First Things First

Whether your going to live in a dorm or an apartment, there are certain things that you’re going to need and need plenty of.  For instance, if you’re going to take more then one class, you’re going to need bookshelves and plenty of them. 

The more advanced education you get, the more bookshelves you need.  It’s truly that simple and the reason is as clear.  The further you get, the more books you are mandated to read.  It’s the only difference I was able to find between undergraduate work and postgraduate work.

Another thing that is common is to share an apartment.  That’s great if you have friends you like and they will allow for you to study.  But what if you’re friends think that partying is the only way to go?  What if they wont ‘let you’ study like you need to.  The simple answer to this is to divide your space up with walls and partitions.  The example I’ve shown here can work wonders on giving yourself the extra room that you desperately need and want.

These two things are arguable the most important when it comes to apartment living and school life.


The difference between success and failure...
can be setting the right boundaries with walls and partitions.

College Apartment Living98403

Supplies That Multitask

One of the simplest things to do when you have an apartment when you’re young is to make as much as you can possible have multitask.

This can be everything from coat hooks and use them for shoe-racks. That alone can save time finding you’re shoes in a rush before class. 

Another example: what do you see for this picture?  Is it just shelves for display items.  Your can you use it to put bins in, storage racks, hangers or countless other items.

One of my favorite lines in Apollo 13, was when the Mission Control supervisor screamed, “I don’t care what something was made to do, I care what it can do”.  And that’s how you have to look at things for your apartment.  Don’t worry about what it was designed to do, think outside of the box and figure out how you can use it for your purpose.  

It doesn’t matter what something was designed to do…it matters what it can do!

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