conscienceness rise

slavery under disguised

lately am i wrong thinking not only that the entire world is going throught some type of conscience asleepness estate where nothing seems to batter ,the ozone layer is almost gone , the sun behaving in manners witch no one seems to have explanetion of, these earthquakes all over the world ,weird scene those ufo’s taking off of the moon sept 2012, conflicts are raging all over the world, haaarp,corruption,corporatocracy,unjustice system and mentionning all sortes and type things and death stars shooting all around our only home
and no one seems concern what will it realy take to wake my fellows up i feel like its gonna get sade real soon poeple embrasse your selves because we have a choise to make and the government wont help no one but them selves with the next events to occur

oneness connection
Well i seriously think it is time for this entire system to be put aside so that we human beings can start the process of the healing of our saouls our body and than remake with nature in order to regain all of our real essence tha we had forgoten due to lost of real values replaced by currency and materialistic goods in a life of competition and performance its getting late ,it is in deed more than time that we stop think and do the right thing for the sake of the creator ,for the sake of you ,the sake of me and all the others lets share what was realy meaned to be shared you all know what it is knowing it is not money, it is not material if you take the time and realy look inside you will finally notice that it have always been there ,stop the rat race you cannot own more than what you already own life

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