Craft Table with Storage

Best Birthday Gift for Kids Who Like Drawing

If your kids like drawing and doodling, a colorful craft table with storage would be the best birthday gift for them.

As my son’s birthday is approaching, I spend more and more time to source birthday gift ideas online. I did think of gift him an educational toy. But, I prefer to buy something else rather than a toy after looking at his toys around our home.

Two weeks later, I found that I am wasting my time and buy nothing if I have so specific target. Thus, I decided to buy him something that fulfills his drawing hobby.

Colorful art desk is undoubtedly one of the best choices for kids who like doodling here and there. On this page, I am going to share with you the great models available at the market place and my first choice. You may consider grabbing one as your child’s birthday present too.

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My Son’s Drawing Board and Supplies

Drawing Board

The picture is showing my Son existing doodling supplies. He has a whiteboard, red color magnetic eraser, and few marker pens inside the cylinder holder.

He used to put the whiteboard on the floor and doodling. Sometimes, he lets the whiteboard leaning on the wall and pretends as a nursery teacher to teach his parent (my husband and me) reading new vocabulary he learns recently.

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The Reason Why I Pick This Art Desk

Craft Table with Storage
Step2 Flip and Doodle Easel Desk with Stool

Desk measurement: 18″L x 25″W x 34″H

Stool: 11″ high stool; holds up to 200 lbs

Manufacturer recommended age: 2 – 8 years

My son is going to celebrate his 5 years old birthday. If this art desk could be utilized for the next 3 years, then it is worth the cost which is less than $100.
One more reason I like this craft table is that it features an upright easel.

My son could pretend to play as a teacher and conduct his unique tutorial for 2 special students.
When he wants drawing, he just needs to take the plain paper from the rear storage area and utilize the build-in paperclip to hold the paper.

In case his leg is tired after a long time standing, he can simply fold down the easel to turn it become a chart table and sit comfortably to continue drawing on a paper. Better still, all art supplies are close at hand. He just needs to grab from molded-in trays without any movement.

Guest, What My Son Draw?

Guest What

My son tried his best to draw Mickey Mouse. We told him honestly that the picture on the left-side does not look like the famous cartoon character. But, he argued that the picture is the image of Mickey Mouse as it features big ears.
He also uses his imagination to draw weightlifting men.

Once complete doodling, he wrote few alphabets underneath as the guy’s name. Do you know the pronunciation of this odd word?

Activity Table with Storage and 2 Stools

Activity Table with Storage and 2 Stools

My son’s best friend used to come. These two little boys either play with toys or drawing on the whiteboard. Sometimes, they also create colorful things with Play-Doh. Thus, I think it is one of the great choices that even my son is the only kid at home. In case your kid also invites his or her friend to come and play together, you may take this option into consideration as well.

Craft Table with Storage.

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