Side Table with Pull Out Shelf

Modern Style Side Table with Pull Out Shelf

I am sourcing a side table with pull out shelf to replace my old one ever since I bought a new sofa a few months ago. My old side table which is placed next to my sofa actually is a small desk-height cabinet for the home office used. It is a gray color and so does not match my sofa color.

The tabletop of my existing unit is occupied with a phone and mini air humidifier. Hence, my second reason for sourcing the end table with a pull-out shelf (such as the one presented in the left-side picture) is for me to place a cup of tea or coffee while I am sitting on the sofa and reading books.

On this page, I will share those great options of chair end tables that in my shortlisted. They either come with white or cherry finish.

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Small Side Table with Shelf

small side table with shelfAndorra 20 in. Chairside Table (Eden Burnished Cherry). #adpriceside table with pull out shelfWilliams Home Furnishing Metro Side Table Cherry. #adprice

These two small chair side tables come with a drawer and an open shelf underneath. Based on the webpage info, both of them are cherry functional furniture. However, there is a buyer of the right-side unit comment that it may be chestnut instead of cherry.

I love their small size and simple design. Their measurement as below:
Left-side: 12 x 20 x 24 inches
Right-side: 22 x 16 x 23 inches

Obviously, the right-side one is slightly bigger in size. However, I prefer to have more storage space underneath to store some books and magazines as well. And so, I am considering the following options.

Side Table with Slide-Out Shelf

end table with pull out shelf price
Providence End Table
Yes, this is my first choice. There is a magazine rack panel on the right. You could assemble it on the left side to suit your requirements. Below the drawer, there is plenty of storage space with an adjustable shelf. #CommissionsEarned

This functional furniture is made of wood composites and veneers. There are three colors available for you to choose from black, dark cherry, and white.

I was considering to buy two; one is the dark cherry to place in the living room next to my new sofa and another one is a white place in my bedroom. With such, I can enjoy reading my favorite books whenever I sit down or lying down on the bed. I then can put a cup of coffee on the slide-out shelf while the tabletop reserve for decorative items.

White End Table with Pull Out Shelf

chair end table with pull out shelfAnnette Magazine Side Table with Shelf. #adpriceFurniture of America Martine Side Accent TableFurniture of America Martine Side Accent Table. #adprice

These two units were in my shortlisted at the beginning. I love the stylish design of the left-side end table; on the other hand, I love the hidden storage space of the right-side furniture.

In fact, I was more attracted by the right-side unit made of durable wood veneer construction. It could be an ideal nightstand to be placed next to the bed. The white color perfectly matches my headboard.

However, I finally gave up a side table with a pull-out shelf which relatively small in size. The main reason is that I need multiple shelves plus magazine racks.

Side Table with Pull Out Shelf

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