Dani Shay.

Justin Bieber, looks like her.

A 23 year old, contemporary singer/songwriter, and actress.
She auditioned for America’s got Talent at the end of 2011, with her parody of a Justin Bieber song “Baby”, called “What The Hell”.

When she first came on the stage, everyone was cheering and cheering!.. and when the Judges asked her name, she said “My name is Dani Shay.. Not, Justin Bieber.”

Superheroes By Dani Shay

Homelessness needs to stop. These people have feelings too and are human beings! How would you feel in that situation , we need to kick in and help stop homelessness.If we all help, it would be great ! Homelessness is a sad thing to think about , all those people, its so sad.

Dani Shay Justin Bieber looks like her4363

Dani’s new album!

Superheroes is a song that Dani Shay wrote..
As I said earlier, she is a contemporary singer/songwriter.

I want to get her talent out there, and she wants to show the world what she can do, and that they can do it too if they really put their mind to it.
Show the fact that even when you’ve been hurt, you can bring yourself back up again and show the world what your made of.
To show people how strong they really can be.

That’s what I think she’s trying to get across anyways.. If you ever read this and I am wrong, please let me know I would appreciate it.

Here’s Superheroes

Dani Shay Justin Bieber looks like her4368

Dani Shay & Justin Bieber

Dani has a new album out now, and I’m sure she wants to get it out there, and get it heard!..
This is a short video of her explaining about her new album.

She makes my day! haha
I hope she makes yours too (:

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