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It’s so easy to love dogs! And when you do, you can get a little crazy. The fleece lined dog bed (in several locations). The chewie thingies hidden everywhere for treats when the dog is better than good.
And letting the world know how much you love dogs! Bumper stickers from The Humane Society…
Using “Must Love Dogs” for your date movie again and again.  Sillier than silly…
We buy gifts pet lovers love.
We buy jewelry pet lovers love!
We buy apparel dog lovers love. We can’t be stopped! Should we be stopped?
As dog lovers, we express ourselves. Is that wrong?
After all, we never walk alone. 

Till Someone Ends Up In A Cone

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“It’s All Fun and Games Until Someon…
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Oh agony. The dog must be in the cone for  – two weeks! He whines, he begs, but the cone must stay. 
He can lie down, but he won’t. He will sit slouching over all night. (I bet when you’re not checking on him he’s lying down).
The infection is healing, but oh so slowly. The stitches aren’t torn. But your guilt is building up.
You have given him extra treats and  yet you still get those guilt inducing stares.
O.K., only one more week to go! 
Well, sadly, all you can do…is get yourself this T shirt! 

Humourous Apparel For Dog Lovers

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Women’s Holy Shihtzu shirt funny shi…
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Holy – what did you say? 
Small in size, but huge in personality this dog is known for affection and loyalty. The breed was immigrated by returning North Americans after WWII. 
Thought of as a pampered lap toy of Chinese aristocrats, this little “lion”  dog is an enduring companion.
This dog is kept in the top ten most popular of breeds by dedicated owners. 
His under bite is charming and he follows you from room to room, your faithful shadow.
I know you love and pamper your little lion. You deserve a treat. 
Like this Holy Shi****h Tzu T shirt.

Gifts Pet Lovers Love

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Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Sou…
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Heart warming stories for the soulful dog lovers…so much like stories about humans and humans. But dogs are human, right? But maybe better ones?
There will always be some tears because dogs die too, inevitably. (Don’t worry your pets will be waiting for you, tails wagging, when you Go).
If you believe dogs can be heroes – you will just love this book. 

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The Dog Lover’s Companion to Califor…
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California has many places you can visit with your dog.  This guide book gives you parks, beaches, hotels, restaurants and other travel places where you can take Woofer!
It also specifies the places where you must leash Woofer, or where he/she can run. 
Tip: check all restaurant listings for where dogs are allowed as they might also include the whole area – for instance one restaurant listing includes Fisherman’s Wharf on Pier 39, and that’s where you find out Woofers are welcome.

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Dog Lover’s Monopoly
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This game simulates the dog world with everything but poop-scooping. Dog loving kids love it and so do the grown up pet lovers who play with them. It seems that Monopoly has not worn out with board game lovers yet, and I bet it never will. (And, yes, there is a cat lover’s version, of course!

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“Best Friends Forever” Crystal Paw P…
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        The Bradford Exchange donates part of your purchase price to pet abuse prevention.
 This is serious bling for a dog lover and shows your concern for the welfare of animals.
 Aside from that, the silver/gold colouring makes this a wonderful accessory for any of your dog lovers T shirts!

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