Feeling Brave? Here Are Some of Americans’ Most Bizarre Food Combos to Try in Lockdown

Pickles wrapped in cheese, popcorn with beans, and ice cream on meatloaf, are just a few of the surprising food combinations Americans said they loved.

According to a survey of 2,000 American adults in California, Texas, New York, Hawaii, and Florida, these connoisseurs also said that mayo and peanut butter sandwiches, and cookies dipped in guacamole, are some of their favorite bizarre meals.

The survey aimed to uncover the most unusual food combinations Americans enjoy—as well as the characteristics coinciding with them—and yielded other otherworldly answers, including meatballs and mayo, octopus and roasted bell peppers, and alligator and fries.

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Commissioned by the SPAM brand and conducted by OnePoll, the survey found respondents were most likely to have discovered their favorite food combinations from family or friends (41%).

1. Family/friends 41%
2. Restaurant 36%
3. Social media/print/online news 33%
4. Word of mouth 32%
5. Celebrity endorsement/advertisement 25%

Others found their go-to combinations while dining at a restaurant (36%) or via social media (33%)—and three in four are proud to share their unexpected food mashups with others.

While some combinations are quirky, others are classics: the survey found the most popular food combo Americans love is dipping their french fries in their chocolate milkshake.

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Other top combinations were chocolate and popcorn (44%) or sour cream-and-onion chips with chocolate (36%).

Over a quarter (26%) of respondents can’t eat a meal without adding hot sauce to it while 27% can’t imagine eating a meal without mayonnaise. Beyond hot sauce and mayo, another 28% won’t eat a meal without a salt shaker handy.

1. French fries and chocolate milkshake 55%
2. Cottage cheese and fruit 50%
3. Fruit preserves with cheese and crackers 47%
4. Chocolate and popcorn 45%
5. Peanut butter and apple 44%
6. Sauerkraut and cheese 43%
7. Cheddar cheese and apple pie 42%
8. French fries and pickles 37%
9. Cold pizza and ranch dressing 36%
10. Sour cream and onion chips and chocolate 36%

Also interesting, over half of those surveyed said they’ll have a “freak out” if their different foods touch each other while on their plate.

39% of those surveyed said they sometimes choose to eat their dessert first while 41% skip breakfast altogether to enjoy a larger lunch instead.

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Nearly half get a hankering for a specific snack when their friends talk about a recent food experience, while a third get a specific craving when they’re extra stressed.

1. Watching food videos/entertainment/TV 52%
2. Talking to friends about a food experience 42%
3. Seeing an advertisement for a specific food 41%
4. Looking for recipes 36%
5. Stress 32%

Fifty-two percent of Americans say their cravings, mostly experienced at night, are brought on by watching food videos or some type of entertainment, whether online or on TV.

Through their search, Americans have found an affinity for popular food trends including flavored gnocchi (39%), SPAM Musubi (34%) and cauliflower pizza crust (31%), which they would all enjoy again.

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Food Combos? Let Us Know In The Comments Below—And Ask Your Friends by Sharing on Social Media…

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