Grandsons funny face expressions

Three year old grandson express himself

Oh when the first day we received the news that our daughter was going to have another baby was like hearing news of joy. Our daughter has trouble with pregnancies. She has lost one before our three year old grandson was born and every time she loose a baby it seems like a piece of her died too. Her and her husband never gave up hope, when it suppose to happen, Mom, it will happen. Well they been trying for six year’s to have another child but it never happen until up to three year’s ago she became pregnant. Her dad and I always got concern when she tell us the news she is pregnant. We said a lot of prayers.It just seem like every time she gets her spirits up and her heart start racing hearing the news she is pregnant, her heart got crushed because she would not carry full term. We contact our church family, pastor and friends and family to keep our daughter in prayer that she would carry this pregnant full term.
As with her first pregnancies she had to take a medication injection called Hyperion, it a medication given to mother;s who has blood clot disorders.
Lord, I pray please let this baby live and bless my daughter to carry full term. We don’t care what sex it is, we pray it be your Will for the baby be born and be born healthy.

Well she didn’t carry full term but carried pretty far in her pregnancy that the baby would have a good chance of surviving. Time rolled around she daughter went into labor and had a bouncy healthy baby boy. He was born premature and had to stay in the NICU for a few months. It is heartbreaking to sit back feeling helpless listening to your daughter’s prayers pleading for her son’s life and watch her heart breaking tears fall. The day came when he was being discharge from the NICU and daughter could take him home. Oh, he was still yet so tiny from our other grandchildren so at first I was leery of holding him afraid I break his skinny tiny legs or break something with him being so fragile. Today, it is hard to believe our grandson was a preemie. He is a bubbling and happy little boy. My son-in-law and daughter family is now completed for they waited so long to have children because of daughter’s health issues. Our little miracle grandson expresses himself through face expressions. So adorable and cute where it hard to be serious with him when he is doing something he knows he is not suppose to do. His expressions make it difficult to discipline him. He is a character, knows how to make laugh. He is me-maw’s little precious man. Small gifts do come in small packages. Even small blessing turn out to be big blessings.

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