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There are many selections to choose from when selecting baby formula for your new baby. There are three different types of baby formula. It might be an overwhelming choice when walking down the baby formula aisle at the grocery store. But, the one thing to remember is that all baby formulas made in the United States have to pass through rigorous Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines prior to being put on the shelf at the grocery store.
There is the powdered kind of baby formula. Powdered baby formula is the least expensive of the three kinds of baby formula. When mixing the powdered baby formula you will put one scoop of powder in the baby’s bottle per two ounces of water. So, if you fill the bottle up with eight ounces of water you will want to use four spoons of formula.
There are the liquid concentrates of baby formula. These are a little more convenient than the powdered baby formula. These formulas are diluted with partial water already. They are ready to use and are a bit pricier than the powdered baby formula.
Then there is the ready to use baby formula. These formulas are very convenient. They do not require any mixing at all. They offer busy parents an opportunity to cut out some time from preparing baby bottles. These are the priciest of the three types of formula.
Then there are the types of formula. There is the milk based formula. The milk based formula will provide your baby with all the nutrition of cow’s milk that he or she needs. When choosing milk based formula you need to be certain your baby is not lactose intolerant. A milk based baby formula breaks down the proteins in the cow’s milk so it is easier for your baby to digest.
There is soy based baby formula. A soy based baby formula has no milk products in it. This kind of formula is great for babies that have a problem digesting baby formula with cow’s milk. Parents would want to choose soy based baby formula if the baby is lactose intolerant.
Then there are specialty baby formulas. The specialty baby formulas are made for babies who had a low birth weight, were born premature, have low iron, or high blood pressure. These formulas are made just for their special needs.
You can purchase generic brand baby formula, or the name brand baby formula. You need to be certain that the baby formula you purchase was manufactured within the United States. Because, no matter which one you purchase the store brand formula, or the name brand formula it has been rigorously tested and meets all the standards set forth by the FDA pertaining to baby formula.

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