Halloween Costumes for Fat Guys

Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Fat Guys

Halloween is one of the celebration events that my husband loves. He used to dress up like a superhero when attending a party that night. Being said that, he is facing trouble now in sourcing the right costume this year due to the belly fat. For him, a hero with a big size stomach looks funny. Thus, he decided to pick other costume ideas.

I suggested he dress up like a pregnant woman or wear the Tooth Fairy costume like the one shown in the left-side picture. I think these types of outfits would make everybody laugh non-stop and bring a lot of fun at the party. But, he is not yet really to wear a hilarious costume.

As Halloween is approaching, I then help him to source online. I noticed that Halloween Costumes for Fat Guys are available with countless options. On this page, you’ll find different themed costumes that I shortlisted for my husband.

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DIY Idea of Tavern Man Costume

When step-in September, some people especially those who stay in Germany are expecting Oktoberfest which begins in the last week of this month till the very first weekend of October.

During my last online shopping, I noticed a few e-stores are offering ladies beer wench costumes in the best deal. Most of them are feature a sexy design style. Of course, they are not suited for fat guys. But, the DIY Tavern man costume could be a great idea for plus size men.

Halloween Costumes for Fat Guys

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Although the DIY outfit may not look smart as the pre-made in the right-side picture, it is a simple and comfortable option. Better yet, it is easy to put together and no sewing skills needed.

Simply look at your closet and get prepare a white oversized shirt, brown pants, wide belt, and vest. Next, go to your kitchen and look for a large size mug. Now, you are ready to attend a Halloween party with a cool Tavern man appearance.

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