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‘Free Beer Tomorrow Metal Sign, Pub humor’

Many people enjoy entering homebrew competitions, sometimes referred to as “craft brewing”, and homebrewing has developed various homebrewing clubs and competitions
People homebrew for a variety of reasons. Homebrewing can be cheaper than buying commercially equivalent beverages; it allows people to adjust recipes according to their own tastes creating beverages that are unavailable on the open market or low-ethanol beverages that may contain fewer calories;

Homebrewing is the brewing of beer, sake, and other beverages through fermentation on a small scale as a hobby for personal consumption, free distribution at social gatherings; 
Homebrewing of beer: for non-commercial reasons, The legality of homebrewing varies from country to country, and some countries limit the volume an individual can legally brew.
Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can be made at home.

Homebrewing of beer having an alcohol content higher than 0.5% remained illegal until 1978 when Congress passed a bill repealing Federal restrictions and excise taxes on the homebrewing of small amounts of beer and wine. Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States, signed the bill, H.R. 1337, into law in October 1978; however, the bill left individual states free to pass their own laws limiting production…
Home brewers are frequently tempted to make beers with high alcohol content, but this is not recommended because the cheapness and quantity of beer produced can induce the brewer to drink more than they normally would-

‘Free Beer Tomorrow Metal Sign, Pub humor’

Home Brewed Beer Kit

  • Includes 2-gallon fermenting keg with lid and tap assembly, two standard refill brew packs, 11 reusable plastic 740ml bottles
  • Includes 11 reusable plastic caps, 11 labels, Brewing with Mr. Beer brewer’s guide, and 4-step brewing instructions
  • Lightweight, shatter resistant keg is made from FDA compliant plastic and imparts no taste or flavor migration
  • Brew pack offers two distinct and popular beers for 2 batches (4 gallons) of home brewed beer
  • Keg’s wide mouth allows for easy cleaning; hand wash only; avoid using scouring pads or abrasives during cleaning; keg measures 9.5 x 13 x 9 inches

  • Top Seven Reasons to Home Brew Beer

    HomeBrewing Beer 

    Top Seven Reasons to Home Brew Beer
    By P. Julius

    7. Home Brewing Does not Cost a Lot of Money

    Most people think in order to get going making home brew beer, you need to spend at couple hundred bucks. This is just not true. There are some excellent home brew kits available for under $100 that have everything you need to get started making your own beer. Also, after brewing several batches you’re actually saving money over buying beer in the store.

    6. Relieve stress

    It’s good to have a hobby that you’re passionate about to get your mind off of the everyday stress we all encounter. It’s tough to wind down sometimes if you’re not occupied with something you enjoy doing. If you’re already a beer drinker, this can be a great way to relieve a little tension and spend some time focused on something fun – beer.

    5. A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment

    Brewing at home is your chance to invent a beer with it’s own distinguishing taste. After your first batch, you’ll probably begin to change the recipe to suit your taste more. There’s been several cases of home brewers making money from their recipes after word getting out about their new flavor or style. There are also many regional contests you can enter and see how your home brew beer stacks up against other brewers. However, regardless of any level of fame your beer may have, you will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when you crack open that first beer that is brewed by YOU!

    4. Home Brewing Is Easy

    If you can boil water and follow instructions, you can make beer. Some recipes can get complicated but you don’t have make something complicated to brew great beer. Start with something simple, refine your technique, and go from there. Whether you use a pre-made ingredient kit or just find the right recipe, anyone who can follow directions can make a batch.

    3. You’ll Be Able to Mimic Your Favorite Store-Bought Beer

    Whether you love Anchor Steam, Guinness, or Beck’s, there are literally hundreds of recipes out there designed to help you clone the taste your favorite beers. It’s pretty cool to fool people into thinking they’re drinking something you bought when they’re actually drinking a beverage you brewed yourself. Plus, over time you’ll end up saving money over store bought beer.

    2. Home Brewed Beer Tastes Great

    Just about all home brewers will tell you that home brewed beer is just as delicious if not better than store-bought beer. This is because the stuff you make at home is much fresher than anything you’ll find on a liquor store shelf. Besides, only you know exactly what kind of beer you like, so you can customize your recipe according to how you want your home brew beer to taste. It’s like pizza – the basic components are the same, but everyone likes different toppings.

    1. It’s Fun.

    Let’s not get away from the fact brewing beer at home is a lot of fun! You get to spend time in the kitchen, play around with a bunch of cool equipment, and the end result is BEER. Great tasting, one-of-a-kind home brew beer. And isn’t that why we got involved in the first place?

    Paul Julius
    Contributing Writer

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=P._Julius


    Mr. Beer Fermenter

    The Mr. Beer Fermenter is completely reusable, so you can use it time, and time again to brew your Mr. Beer Refills. The Mr. Beer fermenter has a wide opening at the top for an easy brewing, and cleaning process. The fermenter is made from FDA compliant plastic, and will impart no flavor migration in your beer. Since the Mr. Beer Fermenter is shatter resistant you do not have to worry about broken glass fermenters.

    Mr. Beer 740ml PET Bottles

    Included in your Mr. Beer kit will be (11) 740ml PET plastic bottles with caps, and Mr. Beer Bottle Labels. The Mr. Beer Bottles are completely reusable, and made form FDA compliant plastic so you never have to worry about any broken bottles. These bottles are perfect for bottling a batch of beer and storing batch after batch of top quality all malt beer.

    Mr. Beer Carbonation Drops

    The Mr. Beer Carbonation Drops will make your bottling process a breeze. All you need to do is drop two of these Carbonation Drops into your Mr. Beer 740 milliliter bottles, and fill them up. These Drops are specially made for bottling beer, and will not alter the flavor of your beer. These drops will completely dissolve, and leave your beer fully carbonated with full flavor, and a nice head.

    Easy to Follow Brewing Instructions

    Mr. Beer has made the brewing process as easy as possible for you. All you have to do is follow the Mr. Beer four step brewing instruction guide, and your beer will be done in no time. Also Mr. Beer has included an easy follow instructional DVD so you can see how the easy the process is before you get started, and what your beer will look like when it is all done

    Homebrewing of beer

    How to Brew: Everything You Need To Know To Brew Beer Right The First TimeCheck PriceThe Complete Joy of Homebrewing Third EditionCheck PriceExperimental Homebrewing: Mad Science in the Pursuit of Great BeerCheck Price

    One of the greatest past times

    Home Brewing Beer
    By Mathew Flanagan

    One of the greatest past times there is to stay home brewing beer. If you like having a quiet beer with your friends as much as I do then why not learn how to make your own. You will save money and have lots of fun with your mates creating some drinking masterpieces.

    It really doesn’t matter what style or flavour of beer you like as every taste can be catered for with hundreds of home brew recipes available for you to make in the comfort of your own home. I am personally a fan of the draught and lager style beers and have made some of the nicest beers I have ever tasted. Even my crazy mates have remarked at how well my beers turn out.

    I tend to keep my brewing to myself but I have many friends who share their time and equipment together. My friends arrange a social gathering where they will put down a few brews and have a BBQ. They really make a day of it. If timed correctly my mates will bottle one batch at the same time they are putting down the new brews so as to get everything done in the one day. I can tell you these guys have always got heaps of beer under construction and even more nice cold beers in the refrigerator.

    If you go down that route make sure you share everything equally and keep receipts. My friends each own different parts of the equipment just in case they have a falling out and that allows them to divide the gear up down the track if need be. However you do it, just make sure it is fair and equitable.

    Sitting at home brewing beer and having a BBQ with your friends is a great way to spend a weekend. You can have your family and friends around and everyone can get into the act. I know my youngest daughter loves to get out the back with dad and help me to make my beer. She loves helping dad with the bottling but isn’t very keen on the cleaning part.

    Why not learn to make your own masterpiece and save money at the same time.

    Mathew has a site where you can learn to make your own home brew. Check out the site here.

    Home Brewing Beer

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mathew_Flanagan


    Home Made Beer – Some Simple Recipes

    Home Made Beer – Some Simple Recipes
    By Abhishek Agarwal

    If you have always wanted to make beer at your own home, here is a way you can. It is not at all as difficult as some of the people make it sound. Actually, you can have loads of fun while making it and its serves as tasting beer that can make you proud. The process of making beer at home can be made easier by buying a brewing kit that is available at many stores.

    The following ingredients are required if you intend on brewing your beer at home. You need to have water, malt extract and brewers yeast. As the malt extracts are usually in syrup form, they can be liquid. When it comes to storage, the dry extracts last longer than the liquid ones. There are a number of extracts that you can choose from. Ordering the ingredients online is a great idea if you want to save time and the effort of searching for these items.

    One fact that not many people are aware of is that water is almost entirely involved in the making of beer. Spring water is preferred, though equally good results can be achieved by using tap water. Another important part of the beer making is yeast. It is the yeast that ferments the sugars and malts into alcohol. It is the yeast that is responsible for the release of carbon dioxide.

    There are a number of different ways of making beer. The best thing to do would be to find a recipe that you find you like. There are certain recipes that take longer when compared to others. In fact there are some recipes that take absolutely no time. Select the one that you find is most convenient and tempting for you and go through it. This should give you a fair idea about the process and how much time you need to allocate.

    Sanitary care needs to be taken. You must sterilize all your equipment before using it. These things need to taken care of, as you do not want the beer to get contaminated and someone falling ill because of that.

    Making your own beer is a great way to vent your creativity. With enough practice you can become really good at making beer, and your friends and relatives will not fail to appreciate the beer that you make. You can make yourself proud.

    Abhishek has got some great tips on making wines and spirits! Download his FREE 64 Page Ebook, “Wines And Spirits Inside Out!” from his website http://www.Cooking-Guru.com/267/index.htm. Only limited Free Copies available.ailable.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Abhishek_Agarwal


    (Not for young people under the legal drinking age).

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    ‘Free Beer Tomorrow Metal Sign, Pub humor’

    Parties for teenagers 18 and up young adults!

    Parties associated with Family and Friends events-  Collage Parties 
    A house party is a party where a large group of people get together at a private home to socialize. House parties that involve the drinking of beer pumped from a keg are called keg parties or “keggers.” These parties are popular; with collage studens…

    Parties for teenagers 18 and up young adults!
    (are not to be attended by people under the legal drinking age).
    A dance party supported by a live band –
    Dance parties are gatherings in bars or community centers where the guests dance to house music, techno music, or disco. The music for dance parties is usually selected and played by a disc jockey.
    A spin-off of dance parties, the rave involves dancing to loud house music, techno music, or industrial music. Rave parties may be attended by as few as a score of people in a basement or, more likely, by a few hundred people in a club, to as many as thousands in a large warehouse, field, or even tens of thousands in a sporting arena, amusement park, or other large space.

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    ‘Free Beer Tomorrow Metal Sign, Pub humor’


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