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The minute that the doctors and nurses are done examining the newborn, this bundle of joy would certainly be cradled by his mother for the first time. Although, the next stop would always be the hospital cribs. These hospital baby cribs shelter and safeguard the precious angels until they can be completely released from the hospital and be fully welcomed into the world.

Bassinets For Your New Baby

When the hospital chooses a bassinet, there would be several points that they take into consideration. On top of that, it doesn’t matter if they are intending to buy a hospital crib for an infirmary or perhaps for the hospital room where you stay. You should bear in mind that there would be considerable choices for a maternity ward equipment, and an assortment of hospital bassinets will come along the way. Even so, you should know that a high-end medical bassinet will be used. There are a few premium manufacturers to choose from but Blickman is best.

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Quality Bassinets

Just in case you’ve made up your mind to put your faith on this ergonomically designed equipment, you’ll be confident that your infant patients will definitely get the optimum support and convenience. As for your medical staff, they’ll benefit from the enhanced efficiency and productivity as they pull in their line of work. More importantly, accessories for the hospital bassinets which includes the bassinet pads and baskets are also provided.

Blickman has achieved an outstanding reputation in terms of quality. These beyond compare stainless steel bassinets are sturdily built, ensuring years of durability. Aside from that, it has a “U-frame” design and welded support rods to guarantee the baby’s safety. When it comes to catering the baby’s needs, it has spacious drawers, cabinetry, and shelving that provide plenty of room for the essentials, and the 3” locking swivel casters. Making it more convenient to carry the newborn from one place to another. 

Likewise, some bassinets are made from durable stainless steel. Some models also have the option of choosing a durable powder coated finish instead. A skillfully designed storage– ranging from drawers, cabinets, tote boxes, and shelving are also available. Keeping the procedural necessities and baby supplies close at hand. 

For effortless maneuverability, oversize casters come in handy. The deluxe combination of a storage cabinet, medical bassinet, and dressing stand incorporate a sliding carriage that could be pushed back in order to make the most of the work space.

Safety Matters More Than Ever

In order to keep the newborn secure and sound, the hospital cribs are often made from durable plastic. This sturdy plastic is quite difficult to break, or damage– a perfect way to protect the newly born baby. Likewise, these hospital baby cribs are known to be leak-free. Making it impossible for any outside water or unwanted fluids go through the crib. This type of crib only allows the infants to lay on their back– a way to maintain them in their proper position, so as not to suffocate them. For those who aren’t aware, studies indicate that babies who usually sleep on their stomachs are more vulnerable to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, the baby should be snugly held in their proper position– which is laying on the back. Furthermore, it’s a great way to train the child how to sleep properly.

Easy to Move and Transport: 

Attaching the hospital baby crib to a bassinet could be very ideal when an infant should be periodically moved around. Aside from being detachable from the bassinets, the hospital cribs could easily be shifted from one location to another. This could be utilized during emergency purposes or when they should transfer the crib to a vehicle for transportation. 

Ease of Cleaning:

Since the materials used in a baby crib are not absorbent, there’s a lesser risk of germ accumulation. The exterior can be easily cleaned using a medical grade cleanser or a quick daily wipe down. Moreover, the flat surface is very easy to maintain and no germs would be left behind. 

Lastly, using a hospital baby crib in the medical setting would really be advantageous. An ideal alternative when it comes down to transportation. These medical cribs promise a risk-free setting for your bundle of joy. It’s undeniable that the most critical time when transporting a baby would be, moving the baby from the crib unto the person’s arms. With this, using a hospital baby crib appears to be far more beneficial. You can easily move the baby without risking anything.

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