How to Buy Property in Antigua

It is Easy to Buy a Home in Antigua

Buying property in Antigua is easy for a non-Antiguan resident like you. All you need to have is a license showing that you are a non-resident of Antigua and that you are eligible for making valid investments in the country. Although real estate costs are pretty high in Antigua non-residents can enjoy great reduction of prices and costs much to their delight and contentment. It is important to know that this license is called as the ‘non-resident land holding license’.

You will find it heartening to know that the processing of this license does not take a long time and you will also be charged 5% of the total cost of the property as processing fee. You will always be benefited by the experienced attorneys of Antigua by virtue of their expertise in looking to land surveying and title searching. You can simply get into your transaction with the property owner with great ease.

You might wonder as to where to buy your property in Antigua. Since this country is a lovely island comprising of another region called Barbuda you can buy luxury homes or even luxury beachfront resorts in Antigua. Traditional farmlands are very popular investment spots for the non-residents that want to make a lucrative investment on the island. You would be amazed to find lovely residential property in St. John’s. Attractive villas with two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms are quite common when it comes to choosing property in Antigua and Barbuda.

You can be sure to feel the traditional Caribbean spirit in and around Antigua for these areas are characterized by lovely colonial architecture and wonderful residential spots. Hence you can choose any of the scores of beaches as your spot of property investment. Beach property of Antigua is one of the most sought after real estate properties of the island.

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