The Third Part Of Life

Often we break life down in to two segments, that of being a child and that of being an adult.  The childhood is a time when we are learning, growing and hopefully becoming a functional part of society.  When we consider ourselves to be adults it’s usually a time where we work and have our family and start the process all over again.  

However, I think adulthood can also be broken down into segments as well.  This isn’t just a time for working and having a family and growing old together or in isolation, but it’s a time for much more than that.  Consider that your not the same person when you enter for 20’s as when you enter your 30’s.  You’re also not the same person in your 50’s as you were in your 20’s.  

Consider that often you’re not longer working.  This is especially true when you go into your 60’s which is after all the point of retirement.  Now if you’ve planned ahead well, you are going to be able to do those things which you’ve always wanted to do.  For most this includes, but is not limited to traveling.  Traveling can have limitations with it, but it can also bring a great deal of freedom with it.  For your consideration are the following ideas to help you have the travels of your dreams. 

The Third Part Of Life.

Travel is a huge part
of the third part of life.

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The Third Part Of Life Is Freedom And Travel!

If you’ve planned well, the third part of your life means that you can travel.  This includes out of your country and into others.  It’s a time when you don’t have to be limited on vacation spots or being locked inside your home.  The third part of your life is when you can have a vacation not just with your grandchildren, but with your spouse as well.

When you want and need to get away you can.  You can use an RV and go from one state to another.  If you planned well, you can also have timeshares through the country and in other country’s.  It means that your dream vacation isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg staying in hotels.  It also means that when you get somewhere, it’s just another one of your homes.  But at the same time it’s a place that you get to explore, relax and just have fun in. 

I know many people that live in one state and have homes in others.  They are often snowbirds and free to go and stay where they want when they want.  They’ve planned ahead and it has more than paid off.  The same can be true for you if you decide to have timeshares and plan ahead. 

Traveling when and where you want
because you’re part of a timeshare, brings freedom into your life.

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The Choice Is Yours

Being out and about and doing things is one end of the spectrum.  There is another end however and that is those that stay in their house and never come out unless they absolutely have to.  I know of people that do this as well.  They aren’t long for this world.  They have no friends and they are usually grumpy old people.  

These are the ones that all the jokes are made about.  These are also the ones that usually die shortly after having retired.  In many ways, it’s not their fault.  In many ways it is, after all if they’re choosing to be in the home and not do anything, that is in fact their choice.  My mom, now well into her 70’s always said that she’d love to volunteer at a hospital when she retired.  She’s a socially bunny and that was always a dream of her.  So, several years ago when she retired, that’s exactly what she did.  You’ll never find her sitting around a fireplace moaning how there’s nothing to do.  She’ll be the first to tell you there’s plenty.

You see, which way you live your life is up to you.  Miserable and at home with nothing to do, or busy out and about.  Working in hospitals or traveling.  Getting things done or doing nothing.  What’s your choice in the third part of your life?

Growing Old...
doesn’t have to be traumatic, boring or a time of isolation.

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