How to Improve your Hockey Training

Steps to Help You Maximize Your Hockey Training Benefits

In this day and age, there are many hockey training tips available for people to find. It is important that you learn how to train for the game, especially if you are serious and competitive. Stronger, larger players are very common in hockey today, with skills that can be hard to deal with.

It’s great for the game itself because more people will want to watch. You need to decide what you need to do, especially if you have not been training very much lately. Anyone serious about the game needs to have an effective training program to help them. When you play the game, you are going to feel sharper, more dedicated than ever.

A good way to build power and strength in your legs is to pull something heavy while trying to sprint. Find the easiest way to drag the weights, whether on their own or put them on a sled. I read about an athlete who used heavy rubber strips, attached them to a tree and did resistance sprinting. When you use your creativity, you can develop your own program that has training routines that are effective. Using these methods might be for the purpose of building up your legs, but you will find that you are doing more than that. Since you will be working so hard to drag that weight, you will also gain the benefit of working out the muscles in your mid section as well. While there are many variables that do into the making of a good hockey player, speed is one that must be acknowledged. Speed can be developed in a variety of ways and not all of them involve being on the ice. Your training should be split into relevant categories -strength, speed and conditioning, as all of these are crucial in hockey.
Doing sprints is a great way to develop speed, though you need to give yourself some recovery time. Breaks between sprints, even if they’re very brief, help you perform better and build your speed. You want to have your wind as you begin each new sprint.

During the off-season, when you are training, your workouts should be varied. You never want to lose your motivation, so you need to keep your training as interesting as possible. A very good way to develop explosive acceleration while running is to sprint up an incline. If you have access to a stadium, you can run there, or just run up a hill. Be careful when you are running uphill because it is easy to sprain your ankle. The high knee lift is a good exercise, as long as you don’t over-exaggerate it, so how you do your technique, needs to be a lot of your focus. Pump your arms properly to help give you momentum and increase your speed. This method of training will help you in a couple of ways, with your anaerobic capacity, and withstanding the pain in your legs from the lactic acid build-up.

It is always a good idea to revisit your hockey training program along the way. You really need to make sure your training is on par with your skills and performance levels.

Don’t neglect the training techniques that are designed to prevent future injury, either. You’re young and maybe thinking you’re invincible, but hopefully you know that is not true. To minimize the injuries that you could get, and to prevent muscle imbalance, your entire body needs to be conditioned. Study and learn what needs to be done in that regard, and you’ll be able to play for many more years.

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