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Parkour is fun, keeps you in great shape and is so cool! Parkour training is available from a couple of experts who train and do parkour as well as getting paid to parkour, so if you are looking for great training then you have come to the right place as we’ll direct you to be best in the business.
If you are in a hurry, you can sign up for some of their free video lessons here.
On this site, we will review what is covered in their video training. But first, you get 5 free lessons!

Free Video Series

5 Free Parkour Training Videos

Parkour can look pretty extreme and hard to learn at first, and it is if you don’t have the proper instruction. The guys that put together this video training series have studied in parkour and now teach parkour all over the world.
They do commercials (both national and international) and in addition, they helped test out the American Nija Award course.
These guys know what they are doing.
The 5-day video series that they give for free break down the first things that you need to learn to do parkour. These video are:
* Learn how to take 10 foot drops safely so that you don’t hurt yourself
* How to run up 8 foot walls easily.
* Show you the first vault that you need to learn
* Show you the #1 body weight exercise
* Show you the learning system which is the fastest way to learn parkour.
The 5 day course lays out day by day how to progress in parkour and how to learn properly. This way you avoid injuries, you don’t get stuck in a grey area and your learn parkour fast.
You can access the free video series here.

Parkour Gloves

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Parkour Gloves

These gloves are made thin enough that you can feel the ledges, fences and bars that you will be touching or grabbing, but strong enough to protect your hands.
They are breathable so that your hands don’t sweat and very light to wear.
Gloves are highly recommended when doing parkour.

Parkour Clothing

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To Parkour Or Not To Parkour What A Stupid Question Mens T-shirt
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Powered by Parkour Sports Mens Hoodie (Black Sizes X-Small - XXX-Large)
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Parkour Until Death Separate Us Mens T-shirt
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Free Running Parkour

Free Running and Parkour are not the same thing!  The two should not be used for one another as they have very different goals and objectives.
Parkour is a method of physical training that teaches the individual to overcome objects (both in the city and in nature) as well as conditioning the mind to be able to overcome these physical situations. The skills taught in parkour are to assist you should you be in a situation where your need to escape an emergency situation.
Free running on the other hand did evolve from parkour, but adds in gymnastics and acrobatics. It is best to have the skills and techniques of parkour before adding in the flips and spins.
 Those practicing packour are called Traceurs and those participating in Free Running call themselves Freerunners.
Those practicing packour develop flexible, nimble, strong and skillful bodies.

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