How to Make a Birthday Cake

Making a Birthday Cake is Quite Easy

If you are planning to make birthday cake for your child at your home you should not hesitate to do so for it is not difficult at all to make a very tasty cake much to the joy of your child. It is not very expensive to prepare a birthday cake either. You will need simple food items to make a splendid sponge cake laden with a filling as well. Simple ingredients would suffice to make a great birthday present for your child on his or her birthday.

Keep these ingredients ready:
Two eggs
Butter (required amount) – you can replace butter with margarine if you prefer to do so
Sugar (required amount)
Cake flour (4 cups)
Salt (9 grams)
Almond extract (if you prefer)
Milk (2 cups)
Baking paper
Cake tins

Method of Preparation:
Take a wooden spoon and mix butter with sugar in order to form soft cream. Keep the creamed mixture at a separate place. Grab the two large eggs and whisk them nicely much to your satisfaction. You should now add the whisked egg solution to the already made creamed mixture. Now comes the crucial part of the birthday cake preparation. You will have to take the cake flour now and sieve it into the creamed mixture to which you have already added the whisked egg solution. Add salt and almond extract mixed in milk.

Here you have to be a bit careful. See to it that the mixture is neither too dry nor too wet. If you feel that the mixture is very dry add a bit of water to it in order to make it a little bit loose and wet. Make sure that the mixture is not extremely wet. You should deck the cake tins with baking paper so that they get perfectly lined by it. Make sure that the tins appear lubricated at their insides. It is not a bad idea to smear the insides of the cake tins with a little bit of butter to bring about the desired lubrication. Divide the mixture equally and fill the tins with it and flatten their surfaces. It is time you get the mixture nicely and truly heated in a cake baking oven for about 30 minutes. Heating process has to be slow at about 175 degrees Celsius. You might have to check time and again whether the sponge is well formed or not. This can be done manually until you would come to know that it is well made.

Cream cheese filling can be a grand filling for your birthday cake. It is very easy to make cream cheese filling. It is important to know that this filling has its own benefits. It is very healthy food to eat. Make sure that the filling looks creamy on account of the perfect blend of butter, sugar and of course cream cheese. Birthday cake gets ready to be tasted! Your child will certainly like the sponge birthday cake decked with lovely cream cheese filling. It is time to enjoy the birthday party with all the members of your family!

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