How to make a living while traveling

perpetual travelers earn while traveling

Now, almost all of Us are keen on the idea of traveling .
Somewhere warmer maybe , different, or maybe somewhere more like home, but still most enjoy
travel. The thing that gives people pause generally is the money generally
required to do it.
The normal course taken is to save money and get up the capital to go. Now
saving is difficult at best but it has and can be done. Other more adventurous souls
 try to get airline miles and sign up and
use the “right” credit card s and charge everything on them till They get
enough miles to travel at least somewhere. That would require some time, credit
cards and a keen credit rating.
I think it would be not only possible but maybe even fun to try and get to a
Asian country where expenses are lower than those in the United States and make
a living on the internet from there. Perpetual travelers are suppose to do it
all the time so why can I not at least give it a shot then?
I would think that I could get to Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, or the Philippines,
and be just fine.
In My preliminary research I have found that I could rent a basic room with a
bath, for any of these places for maybe &120 Dollars US. Gosh I spend that
much in gas alone just to drive to and fro, around here.
To take advantage of the geoarbritage factor One should try to earn in US
doallrs and spend in lets the currencies of where ever You happen to be at the
time. One could sell article, photos or maybe something from where You visit
might be a seller On eBay.

Before You sell everything and pack Your bags , know where You would like to
visit when You get there have travel arrangements made well in advance, and   reservations
for short term stay , until You get a longer term room or apartment. Have back
up on top of back up not only in savings , but equipment also.  That laptop might need two batteries with it,
and that digital camera might need extras also.
Make sure You have a “cushion “ to not only settle in , and buy things needed
for living, like pots pans, spatula, etc, but for emergencies that crop up
Perpetual Travelers have been doing this for ages now and I am keen to give it
a try Myself . Freedom seeker that I am , I hope that this article will be the
first on the path to help Me get overseas Myself, Hope to see You there also.
Have fun if You can My friend<a target=”_blank” href=”″>Name Your Link</a><img src=”″ width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />

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