How to silk press your hair

What is a “Silk Press”?

It seems like many of you want to know what a silk press is. A silk press is similar to a traditional “press” done with Marcel or Flat irons the difference with a silk press is that the hair is light, silky, has movement and a healthy shine, and is not weighed down with pressing oils and waxes like the Traditional press.

A good silk press is done with professional products, proper tools and professional styling techniques.

The correct process starts with a good clarifying shampoo like Chi Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo or Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo (one,two or three) . I like to clarify clients once every 1 to 2 weeks depending on their lifestyle and styling habits for instance if they are product junkies or if they are active and sweat a lot.

Then I would shampoo using a taming shampoo like Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Daily Shampoo, Bio Silk Smoothing Shampoo, Chi Infra Shampoo or Sexy Straight Hair Shampoo. Taming shampoos help to make the hair’s cuticle lay flat and smooth.

Next I would condition the hair using a smoothing conditioner which also help the cuticle lay flat. All of the Smoothing shampoos I mentioned have a smoothing conditioner to accompany their Smoothing shampoo line

The next step is to blow dry hair with a silk serum that leaves the hair soft, silky and shiny, I have used Chi Silk Infusion, Bio-Silk Silk Therapy and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, all work very well. It is very important that the hair is thoroughly dry, you don’t have to use high heat to get the hair straight you can blow dry on a high speed medium heat setting and still have beautiful results.

Once the hair is blow dried, I press the hair. I personally don’t like to use a Marcel iron, I like to use a flat iron because the heat is controlled and when you compare the end results to using the Marcel irons, there really isn’t any difference. Just make sure you use an iron that is ionic, has ceramic or titanium plates, with adjustable heat that can go up to 450 degrees for coarse, non-relaxed, Naturally curly hair.

The results are, well… simply beautiful! Hair that is natural or never been relaxed no matter how curly can look silky, straight and shiny with a silk press. It is recommended that you use professional products for the best results. Not only are they good for your hair’s health but they are guaranteed to work provided they are used according to the manufactures directions.

Non-Relaxed, Naturally Curly Hair

Same Non-Relaxed, Naturally Curly Hair with a Silk Press

All of the products mentioned in this article can be purchased at your local beauty salon or at Ulta.


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