Best Hair Cutter To Cut Hair At Home

Best Hair Cutter To Cut Hair At Home

With haircuts costing more then $20 a piece and more for women, you can save a lot of money a month by cutting your own hair. The Air CutterTM, the Best Hair Cutter To Cut Hair At Home is designed to help non-professionals give professional looking haircuts.

The Air CutterTM is a fool proof, mess free way to cut hair at home and save money. It is easy to use, comes with all the attachments one might need and has step by step instructions that anyone can follow. They will work on all members of the family, meant for boys, girls and adults hair cuts.

Benefits Of Using the Air CutterTM

The Air CutterTM is the best hair cutter to cut hair at home. It is not your normal clippers that you use on your husbands or sons hair and hope their haircut does not end up looking like you used a bowl to cut straight. These home clippers are not just for men they are designed to work on the whole family.

The Air CutterTM makes use of new technology that allows the clippers to cut eventually and has an added vacuum attachment that sweeps up the hair and tucks it away to avoid a big mess afterward. After you are done you empty all the hair out and there will be no mess on the floor to clean up.

Easiest To Use Hair Cutter To Cut Hair At Home

Anyone can cut hair at home when using the Air CutterTM, even if they have never given a hair cut before. To use it you just need to attach the corresponding vacuum attachment for the length hair you want. Then to cut, you just move it up and down over the area of hair your cutting.

Using this method the Air CutterTM cuts hair evenly and its impossible to make a mistake. It comes with five attachments that allow you to choose the hair style you want.

The attachments include a 1 – ½ inch. 2 – 1 inch 3 – 2 inch then 2 tapered (for perfect layers side burns etc) 4 – 1 inch to 2 inch 5 – ½ inch to 1 inch.

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