The Proper Grooming for Men

Have a Hair Cut Every Month

I didn’t mind the proper haircut for men before. I didn’t know why my parents send me to the barbershop just to have a clean cut.

Our hair keeps on growing, therefore it needs to be cut and trimmed in a monthly basis or on your preferred schedule. Clean cut for boys is the key to be noticed and seen by public eyes. It has a big factor too esp. if you are looking for jobs. Some of the employers, if you haven’t asked, consider the looks of their applicant. So as an applicant, you should ensure you have a proper grooming, giving them your best shot and leaving a long-lasting impression.


My Say to Those Who Prefer Long Hair or No Hair At All

Actually, there is nothing wrong with these hair preferences as long as it looks clean and formal. For those who have long hair, you should learn the proper hygiene as well as the best styling of your hair because I’ve seen many people who still look respectable despite their long hair.

For those who prefer no hair at all due to some reason (baldness), I’ve seen people who look professional inspite of this. So long as they’re concerned with their looks, face, skin and outfit, being hairless is no problem at all.

What Hair Style I Already Tried?

To tell you the truth, I tried most of these hair styles before. From getting clean cut, no hair at all and long hair like F4.

I didn’t have a problem with the first two (clean cut and no hair at all) because they are easy to do. While having a long hair is not good on me because my hair is curly and it looks like a bird nest which is placed on my head.

Early this morning, my neighborhood who is happened to be a hair stylist, recommended me to try to straighten my hair even once. So I get the experience and know the feeling.

The idea is cool but what do you think? Should I obey his recommendation as soon as possible? Let me know your answer by leaving your comment on the comment box below.

I hope you enjoy reading this article.

Updated On:
October 17, 2012

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